Sunday, August 25, 2013

#3: Try Sushi

When I first shared my 25 before 25 goals try sushi was by far the one that most friends wanted to help me out with. Last Friday I got to check #3 off and couldn't have had a better night!
I met up with some of my favoritest girlfriends downtown at Bonsai. It was so great to catch up with everyone, its been a busy summer for all so getting all of us in one place was pretty wonderful.
I figured since sushi is kinda fancy I couldn't just order a bud light so I decided to start off with a huckleberry lemon drop and was seriously impressed. I might not have to be so back woods after all!
In the week leading up I was asking everyone's opinion of what to order but decided to go with Astra's suggestion of ordering the "tiger." I honestly couldn't name 2 ingredients except for rice and shrimp but dang was it yummy!
I was actually very impressed with the drinks, food, and atmosphere. I am very excited to take my burger loving husband to try it again sometime soon!! :)

Since Mike was home with Wes I didn't have to feel guilty about staying out a little later and fully enjoying the down town cda experience.. haha let me just say my sushi/ girls night out was one of my favorite memories of the summer!

We decided to keep the "fancy theme" going... carriage ride to the Beacon? okay! 

carriage ride :)

 After a few drinks (aka beers) sorry I couldn't keep up with what to order! haha at the Beacon we decided to check out the new country bar. I can't remember the name and I'm also aware its actually not new but new to us!

We had SO much fun dancing the night away. I even got a special treat Christopher showed up and actually danced with me! If I can't have my hubs I'll take my handsome brother!

Thank you again girls for making my fancy night, a wonderful memory. xxx!!

I'm adding this gem in here to top off this post... we took Wes to the fair yesterday. Sweetest child ever.

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