Thursday, August 29, 2013

NSUJL NW Director

I finally get to share my Facebook reason #2! I am the newest part of the National Sisterhood United for Journeyman Lineman (NSUJL) as the Northwest Regional Director! Woop!! They do most of their meetings through telephone and a closed Facebook group so I was going to start a new fb just for that but I decided to open my old one because, lets be honest, Facebook is the best social media and I want to get the word out about NSUJL!

The position came to my attention after I saw the virtual option of the 5k race going on in California. I wanted to get more involved with this amazing organization (25before25 #24) so I figured I could post and get a big group of us to run together on November 19th. After talking to another member and Astra mentioning they needed a NW gal, the ball started rolling and last night I was officially offered the position.

My Responsibilities:
  • States: Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Montana & Wyoming
  • Keep in contact with state reps & help where needed
  • if an accident occurs I'm the go to gal. I will contact the hall to find out details, get in touch with the families, help set up their account for donations, help out where ever the family may need. (this is the part that I pray every night I won't be needed, I know accidents happen a lot, its the scary part of this job) Side note: Forbes just listed journeyman lineman as #4 top dangerous jobs. Please stay safe guys.
  • MEMBERSHIPS! NW is not high on the membership chart so my job is to gain attention for NSUJL. I plan on attending local meetings, popping into a few utilities and using social media to get more members. The number one questions I've gotten since I first posted about this group is its only for woman? And again the answer is no. This is for fallen/injured lineman. I would hope the brothers & sisters are wanting to join to support their guys (and girls!)
  • Represent at all the lineman rodeos I'm able to attend! We are really hoping to make it to the International Lineman's Rodeo this fall but as usual we're not positive because of where Mike will be working and the hours.
  • Fundraising! NSUJL just started a group that all members can be apart of for fundraising.
  • Be involved. Simple as that. Talk about it. Live it. And do something about it.

If you're interested in becoming a member, feel free to message me or "like" NSUJL and ask away there. Here's the link that will take you to the membership process HERE this link will also let you play around on their site and read (in much better words) what this organization is about. Plus check out the store! My favorite item is the cook book (which we are currently submitting new recipes to be added!)

The biggest part that I love about this group is the bond that these woman have. I've known most of them through linewife support groups and social media. These woman have shown pride in their husbands that I've never seen in any other trade. I've always been proud to be a linewife and now I am even more excited to run along side my husband in a bigger way. And in case you're curious how Mike is with all this. He's pretty proud. He loves his job and has worked his ass off to get here and the fact that I get to be apart of something that support him and his life is pretty great.

I had been tossing around ideas about maybe finding a part time job this fall to keep busy and have some me time. Come on SAHM and wives, we all need that one little thing that we don't have to share and its our own thing to work on. Well this is just perfect for me. I am beyond excited to start.

Mike's work note: as some of you know Mike got a call Monday to head back to work (already!!! :() He leaves Monday for Ione, Wa. Its a pretty small town about 2 hours from us. He'll find out more Friday at orientation but it sounds like he's starting out working 6 10s with moving into 7s later on. This job sounds like it will be going until Christmas. Its defiantly hard thinking I won't see him every week but its a beautiful drive that Wes and I plan on making a lot. Plus the RV part looks pretty cute and rumor has it there is a neat train that I have a feeling our little boy would just love! choo choo! :)

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