Thursday, August 22, 2013

catch up: aug addition

Hey fellow blog readers! If you're reading this thanks for hanging in there during my sporadic postings and ramblings during this summer! So here's the haps of what's been going on in the crazy world of the McBrides!

Bashlyn Val Underdown was born on August 10th. Ahhhh this makes my heart so happy. As you all have gotten to know through the blog Astra and her lineman Brandon (who's now a 5th step! woop!) got to welcome this beautiful girl to the world after 10 months of waiting. I love this little family and am seriously looking at dates to go back to Colorado.

We had our 3rd annual family reunion last week and it was probably my favorite year. Mike not only got to come but he brought our house on wheels so we got to camp in style!

Jussy & I at camp.

CORNHOLE! ah we love us some games and cornhole is defiantly at the top of our list.

(Baby) Jocelyn turned THREE years old!! gah this makes me tear up with happy tears. She's growing up so fast and turning into such a beautiful little lady.

My first Tone It Up motivation mail came from my TIU pen pal. LOVE! :)

We celebrated 3 years of wedded bliss on the 14th! Okay its been really tough but we've had lots of obstacles but I am so happy to have Mike by my side.

Silly goose.

Wesson's attended his first North Idaho Fair, complete with his own huckleberry ice cream cone (momma didn't wanna share ;))

While at the fair he fell in love with dirt bikes. Between Mike and my dad this kid is gonna have a bike before he's two!

Bittersweet: Mike's Omak job ended today so he's back on the books. Luckily he's already number 5 and rumor has it Sturgeon Electric has a job opening up in Air Way Heights (whhhaaaaat SO close to home!!!) we'll see, he'll most likely be back on the road shortly after labor day. Until than I'll be loving havin my lineman home :)
And lastly tomorrow I'll be meeting up with some beautiful girlfriends to knock out #3 on my bucket list!
xxx night!! :)


  1. Hello! I found your blog today (as well as Astra's) and I wanted to say hi. My husband is currently in his pre-apprenticeship Lineman program in Butte, MT, and I'm just now starting to freak out a little about what life is going to be like starting a few months from now. Just wanted to reach out to someone who has been there. Looking forward to reading more of your blog (and trying not to stress out too much!)

    1. Oh girl I know EXACTLY how you feel, its just a crazy, crazy ride that you do not need to go through together... if you ever need someone to talk to, which you will! please contact me! I'm always available, I am also part of a really solid linewife support group. Find me on fb too :) you're not alone and the apprenticeship will end. Its still tough but knowing you have choices help sooo much. hang in there! :)

  2. Thank you! I don't know how to add you on Facebook, lol. But feel free to add me. If you search for Sara Hemenway I should come up. :D