Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Halloween 2013

Last Thursday I was planning on meeting up with the girls and taking our babes trick or treating, well I was looking forward to that our night took an even better turn when Mike called and said he was on his way home for a 4 day weekend!
Nothing is better than first time trick or treating with Daddy! Since Wesson was barely saying trick or treat we decided to take him to Grandpa's office (yes Grandpa dressed up as a bunny!) Wesson was pretty shy at first but warmed up by the end and was his typical sweet self. He would take a piece of candy from the buckets and put it in his bag, only to replace it with another piece from his bag. Sweetest child ever I'm tellin ya!
yes we used a grant sack, we kinda forgot to buy a bucket & we have enough of these laying around!

We had planned on going down town afterwards to all the shops, but after not being able to find parking we decided to ditch out and go have burgers and beer at Red Robin YUM! We have SO many years of actual trick or treating so we didn't feel too guilty.
Plus we did hit our favorite houses! Kelsey and Orion got the honors of being Wesson's official first trick or treat house followed by the Wall residence. Who by the way loaded us up with full sized candy bars, yeah that's where its at! Next we went to the Novotny residence which was the craziest damn neighborhood. We were scared we were going to run over the little gobblins and witches running around! With Steve and Rob having such a popular house (they ran outta candy fyi, yeah they were those people, but they did give us spiked apple cider...) anyways the door bell was ringing off the hook and Wesson was loving it! He would run up with Steve and check out all the "big kids." 

And yes we're 100% those parents who raided their kids candy bag after we put him to bed... we don't feel that bad ;)
Since Mike didn't have to rush back to work (perks of the job finally ending!) We were able to attend Christopher's first Halloween party at his house! Although we (and Matt and Kels) were the oldest people there we still had a blast and were able to cut loose. And lemme tell ya my husband, yah that old guy, he cut loose! But drinking that much and dancing that much at his age... well he woke up a little sore. We ain't as good as we once was... 

paul bunyan and his blue ox

such a good kid....

silver & blue!

obviously took all the pics before people came lol

miner and his silver!

Sexy construction worker and the retard...
Halloween was a straight blast but now we're full blown into November now...making turkey day plans, Christmas plans and shopping lists! We have so much to look forward and I'm just so incredibly happy we're back home to enjoy the holidays this year! :)

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