Tuesday, January 21, 2014


We're Alive I swear. We're all happier and busier than ever!

Last blog... November?! eeek. Sorry friends life literally got away from me.

I have a million pictures to post and updates to add but as exciting as our holidays were I'll just sum it up as:

  • family filled
  • soooo much food
  • lots of Mike time! (he's been on basically 3 days on, 4 days off)
  • Thanksgiving with the McBride fam, I successfully baked my 1st homemade pie with homemade crust!
  • I learned to use my sewing machine and made pillows, haha.
  • We took Wesson down to the Lighting Ceremony. He loved the jeeps!
  • I went a pj party with my favorites from my yoga studio.
  • We found, bought and moved into our new house.
  • Wesson was hilarious on Christmas morning, too much fun.
  • I let some things break into my hard work of not letting things affect me as much, as a result I left my NSUJL position. I still 110% support NSUJL but its best for me and our family if I'm not in the middle of it. Being a part of a non profit is A TON of work filled with people who want to take it down. It was too much but I applaud my sisters for sticking it out. For now I needed to focus on building our little family up.
  • We went to bed at 10 on New Years.
  • I officially became a bandwagon Seahawks fan. As a result I almost had my first football heart attack...
  • Wesson is growing, growing, growing and is officially in the potty training process. eek!
  • Mike is in the middle of switching jobs, again.
  • I went to yoga and wine night.
  • Our child thinks he's a dog.
  • I deleted and got a new fb. fresh start.

So much else has been happening. From big things to small things we're taking each day at a time and smiling a long the ways.

Sorry for being MIA but I'm back and the chaos of moving has settled down.

We have big things coming up for 2014 but we'll be focusing on keeping life simple.

Love you all <3

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  1. I've been thinking about you, missing your posts on Facebook, so I thought I would check your blog! The extreme drama happening made me wonder if you were one of the board members that left. I totally don't blame you. It's frustrating when people can't just resolve things behind the scene and it becomes a giant internet sh*tstorm. :D Anyway, I'm glad you and your family are well! Hope you are loving your new house!