Monday, January 27, 2014

No Spend Feb!

Hey Friends!

So even though I didn't come up with the concept of a no spend month and I'm honestly worried we'll even make it, I had so many of you ask what exactly we were doing so I thought I'd blog it. Besides I think it'll be fun to look back on after the end of the month...

No spend February is exactly as it sounds. Mike and I will not be spending any money outside of our regular bills. We're even taking it as far as not grocery shopping except for milk, eggs, and fresh veggies & fruits.

Since February has a few events that I just couldn't pass up I just planned accordingly. Bought my baby shower gift, my yoga rave ticket and extra wine to take to a V-day party. Hey I think just making it a month without buying a decoration for the house will be a big improvement!

The main reason we're doing this is because coming out of the holidays and buying a house was expensive! Although we've been planning for the move and paid for basically everything in cash, we killed our savings and with Mike's job we can't risk not having 3 month of bills saved up.

Besides home d├ęcor and the occasional eating out, our major money over spending comes from groceries. I love to cook and find stuff on pintrest that I just have to make that night so next comes a grocery trip even if I had food for dinner already! So I meal planned for a whole month!

Since I had to do the monthly meal plan for both our home and Mike in the trailer, our grocery budget is higher than if we were living together. I did the crock pot freezer meals again to stock up the trailer.

Here's the tried and approved freezer meals I've used before HERE!

Our goals:

- build savings back up
- pay off the little bit of credit card we used
- pay off home depot credit card (we got an extra 10% off our carpet for opening this)
- figure out a solid grocery budget & stick to it during upcoming months

There ya have it! Not that exciting but it'll be worth it to get a jump start back into our financial peace plan...

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