Monday, November 25, 2013

Being a Classy Lady

We had such a fun weekend, it was filled with date nights, girls day and play dates! I had had our weekend planned out for a few weeks now and actually realized that our date night and girls day crossed two tasks off my 25 before 25 list this last week before. My dad actually remembered before me!

Friday night Brandy and Mike get all the credit. They got tickets for the Trans Siberian Orchestra! Our night started with dinner and a bottle of yummy Latah Creek Huckleberry wine at the Stem Plant. Honestly we weren't over impressed with the food but the atmosphere, good wine and great company made up for it.


our group

very best frans.

Once we got to our seats we were ready to rock out. Seriously! I didn't really know what we were going to see, yah I'd heard of them and a few songs but holy cow I was impressed!! It was 80 rock mixed with Christmas music and LIGHTS!!! I might be adding "learn how to whip my hair back n forth like a Siberian rocker" to my next bucket list. If you've never seen them before make it a goal next Christmas to go. You will not be disappointed, it was awesome. I've posted a link below in case you need some convincing, this clip is just a small part of the amazing 3 hour show!!

concert pictures always suck haha

 #19 Go See a Play or Musical: CHECK! tran siberian rockers! <<< Go watch!!!

Saturday was a full day of shopping, wine and some of my favorite ladies!! If you've never heard of Real Deals you need to check out their facebook place HERE and than go visit the store! Its located on Dalton, kind of behind Skate Plaza. Only open Thursday and Saturdays but go! They have the best home d├ęcor for great prices!
our group

Well Saturday Kristin (owner of Real Deals) put together a bus tour. Basically we rode a bus around town (and out of town) to 10 the adorable shopping places in Cda, drinking wine and eating snacks. It was a blast!! Mom had gone on one last year and I was so jealous!! I'm so happy I got to go this year... I defiantly got some way cute stuff, my favorites my new "classy trailer trash" apron and burlap stockings. so fun.

my mommy <3

When we were out and about we stopped at Latah Creek Winery (remember my yummy wine from the night before?!) at the winery we actually got to walk around and taste different wines with different pairings, hello #25 go to a wine tasting. I literally didn't realize this until we were almost leaving so I snagged this picture real fast ;)

wine tasting!

Latah Creek Winery!

The busy weekend left me pretty exhausted and ready for a lazy Sunday, morning coffee with Whitney while the babies played and we finally got to catch up, while Mike was off hunting all day. Complete with family dinner and Walking Dead (anyone else getting reeeally annoyed all they're showing is the governor?!)

Anyways I hope every has a wonderful Thanksgiving week! My lineman is off all week so we have some projects to finish up, a day trip planned and will be heading to Ritzville for Thanksgiving Day.

Count your blessings friends!

in Wesson's world Jesus rides 4 wheelers.

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