Wednesday, October 6, 2010

just crackin a smile.

okay not much for tryin to turn my wondering mind into a blog so this may be kinda spuratic but its alright....

i'm learing to cook/bake. i suck. i really do but want to be that mom who cooks every night for her charming husband and beautiful babies. i have 2 years to figure it out so in the mean time my wonderful mama has decided to help! one day a week i cook dinner. nothing fancy just a random dish i will be able to whip up in between running my kids to sports and classes, ya know the usual. than another the other day a week i bake something. i have dominated the banana cake recipe!! look what i'm bring to home room!! hah. i am starting to really like being in the kitchen attempting to do these dishes. besides i LOVE spending time with my mom. just blabbin on about life. its probably my favorite thing.

i'm also focusing back into yoga. i have always loved it but slacked majorly in keeping up. so fridays i'm taking a class again and after meeting up with my 2 wonderful friends robyn and brandy who are tackling this goal with me. these 2 girls always keep me level headed in my pathetic life and don't let me act like it for long. :)

i'm also in the hunt for a sewing machine. nothing fancy just simple. i want to learn to make simple things. my ultimate goal make a sweet quilt. mikes lineman quilt that i think i mentioned already

anyways thats my current brain. i'm off to bed. so excited to be crashing before 11!!! go me!!

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