Sunday, September 23, 2012

Doggie Dash 2012

As most of you saw on facebook I signed Remmi and myself up for the doggie dash! nothing like being in Bozeman for a month and getting involved with the community! yay!

the doggie dash was an event that benefitted the local animal shelther... there was a mile race, a peanut butter eating contest, musical "doggie lay down", tons of raffle prizes and vendors set up.... there were also a ton of doggie pools for the pups to cool off in... needless to say remmi got a few laughs when he decided to just lay down and camp out in one the pools after the race.

i really wanted to do this race before signing remmi and myself up for a 5k.... i wasn't sure how he'd handle running next to a bunch of other people and their dogs. he did surprisingly great! of course starting off was a tad overwhelming for the both of us but once it spread out it went so fast! i figure i walk about 2 miles each day with rem and wes so running one mile was seriously so much easier than i thought! my time was 8.36... my time would have been much faster but my dear pooch had to poop not once but twice! so picking it up and running with it was a pain.

mike did the contests with remmi and he didn't win, or even come close but it was sure funny to watch! we met a lot of fellow dog lovers and i'm hoping we can go to their next local event... canine 5k in october... its on a saturday so we're not sure if it'll work out but mike said he has no issue taking a day off. honestly its me who's feels bad! but we'll see how it goes :)

side note: there was the sweetest 3 week old britney puppy!! is it possible to have puppy fever!? i think yes!

here's our pictures from the doggie dash! enjoy! :) i'm off to enjoy some yummy pumpkin lineman pancakes (our own mix of yummiest thats so easy to make even a lineman could make... haha) and enjoy some quiet while my babies are finally sleeping! yay! happy sunday!!

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