Thursday, September 6, 2012

here comes fall!

i know most people always view new years the time for change but i've always felt fall was the best time to make some changes in life... its perfect the leaves are all falling off the trees i've always felt like seeing that was giving the chance to make things clean again. strip down all the bad stuff and learn to be just you and than given the time start to build up again. i'm sure i sound like a crazy person right now but thats fine. i'm posting this for me :) i'm not making any crazy changes just getting back to the basics! letting stresses go...

life is slowly settling down again. we're moving to our new park on saturday and the people i've met already are wonderful. so sweet and caring (of course they love wesson already!) i found a yoga class i'm starting next week thursday. i'm scared to give up one of my evenings with my boys but i know i'm a much happier/relaxed mama when i'm in yoga.... plus all this running has really taking a toll on my hips! i am finally ready to run my first 5k!! i have one i want to run on the 15th... i know i'm not done with the C25K but i thought i'd give it a shot. only issue is of course Mike might have class that weekend so i'm waiting to see. but i am for sure running one on October 6th. "its not over until the fit lady sings!" lol its a run to kick off Bozeman's opera fest! i'm also starting another 8 week challenge this sunday. although i've stayed faithful to my running, my eating and videos have disappeared and i'm slowly watching the numbers climb... if anyone else is interested in joining please let me know and i'll add you to the private group!

i guess over the last month i've really lost focus on the type of woman i want to be. sure i know my "titles" wife, mother, daughter, friend, dog owner... but i'm barely touching the surfaces! we've been so focuesd on go go go and moving. mike is going to be taking his journeyman test in a few months and i need to be more supportive and help study more... i've been putting note cards with questions in his lunch every day but mentally i don't feel like i'm being as supportive as i should be. this is our life! wesson is starting to eat real foods now... yay! i'm so excited to get a grasp on this baby food making business. i feel a little scattered but i'm going to the farmers market tonight and hopefully get some fresh veggies!

as far as friendships go...over the last month i've taking the time to slowly let go of some friendships. its hurts to know that some people just don't want to be supportive and understanding when life is changing so much. i wish them the best i really do. i'll miss the old friendship we used to have and who knows if one day we'll have more in common and be able to move forward again but for now i've taken to removing those people after pointlessly trying to explain how i felt. once i stopped wondering what happened and let it all go i'm amazed at the other friendships that have popped up.
i've slowly been strengthening other relationships... its so nice to have conversations about whats going on and people be genuinely happy and interested. i've really connected with some fabulous ladies who are always linewives. SO nice to be able to vent about this crazy job! i'm in the process of finding a mommy group just to have some actual facetime convos... this will probably save my husband hours of my pointless rambling and possible save him from jean shopping with me. hah.

there's just something so comforting in settling into a new/old routine again. realizing what you want, how you want to feel and making that happen. taking the time to really appreciate what you have around you and sharing that good feeling with others. happy autumn friends! :)

Peace: it does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble, or hard work. it means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart. <3

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