Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hurricane Wes: 6 months old

yup thats true my baby boy is 6 months old well on friday... i am in shock that 6 months ago i was waddling around, begging little boy to make his appearance! well now i'm usually just begging to sleep in. i was updating his baby book this morning and thought i'd post a brag post :)

  • wes now officially has his two bottom front teeth... he does the funniest thing when his teeth are bugging him he growls and bites his bottom lip. he loves his frozen teething rings too

  • he is now rolling in full circles across the bed (with my supervision!) and across our tiny floor.

  • wes is now sitting up, not totally straight but each day his little back muscles are getting stronger and more steady.

  • when i was home last week my mom had bought wes a high chair. we weren't planning on getting on because well we live in a trailer and have zero room. the bumbo was working fine (except when he'd try to grab everything off the table around him) well anyways he loved the high chair so i decided to cram it in my tiny car and see how it worked here. its huge and takes up a lot of space but wesson loves it. he loves sitting up on our level and play with his toys. so a little sacrifice on this ocd momma but worth it...

  • wes is starting to really stand up. when i put him next to our foot stool he stands like a pro... and the look on his face is so cute! he gets so proud of himself! i actually let go today so see how steady he is and he was holding himself up completely! might be his mouth grip on it but still...

  • he is full blown loving food now. it was a little rough start on both our parts but now he's eating one fruit and one veggie in the morning and evening. making baby food is so easy and i love knowing exactly what he's eating... his favorite is defiantly peaches right now.

  • he's outgrowing his tuber wear container... again. this cause a little issue. they don't make them any bigger so luckily he is starting to sit up so that helps. he loves to sit and splash, splash literally for 45 mins!

  • going for our walk around the park is the high light of both my boys days... the minute wes gets his walking suit on he starts squawking and smiling. i'm so happy he loves them... my fur baby needs his daily walk or we'd have major issues. our neighbors are so used to seeing us walk i had one lady ask where i'd been the last week cause she didnt see us out.

  • wesson is pretty much makes his own schedule through out the day but always goes to bed around 8 and up at 6... makes his rough days a little easier knowing if he doesn't nap all day once his night time bath and bottle he's ready to go to sleep for the night.
wesson is growing so fast and has filled our life with such joy and happiness... he is such a happy little boy. its so fun to see his little personality start to form. i love spending my days playing, laughing, and watching all his smiles... he defiantly has a special smile for his daddy though. the second mike walks in the door wesson starts laughing and throwing his arms up for mike to go say hi. adorable. i love all three of my boys more than anything and thank God every day mike provides enough to let us be here with him...

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