Sunday, October 28, 2012

halloween weekend

while everyone else was busy dressing up and throwing drinks down, we were being typical boring parents here :) we had a great weekend but not going to lie wish we had a baby sitter so we could dress up and get out for a bit.

we were blessed with an extra day together since mike's crew didn't feel like dealing with being dumped on with all the snow all day... since i was loving all the snow we decided to head to Big Sky (about a half hour away) and let remmi play in the snow. it was breath taking! we really live in a beautiful area. honestly if we didn't want to live home as bad i could totally see us making this our home... in a house of course! while we were cruising around Big Sky we found a few things to add to our christmas time bucket list. seriously i'm so excited for christmas its silly! last year was so fun being home but this year we have wesson! we're staying here in bozeman and will be making our own family traditions. its going to be wonderful :)

 aint he cute?!
 remmi was loving playing in the snow...

yesterday we also set out to find a local pumpkin patch to pick our own pumpkins to carve... we didn't have much luck. turns out there's no greensbluff here. we really weren't in the mood in the first place to deal with pumpkin guts and baking seeds so the fact we had to pick a pumpkin out from the grocery store bin was out of the question. instead we decided to decorate a haunted house today.

yeah i wasn't really into that either but mike did a great job though....haha.

yesterday's driving around inspired to find one last hike to do before the snow made it impossible... unless we wanna try snow shoes?! december bucket list.... ;)

anyways so we found a nice hike just another half hour drive away pretty close to the Palisade Falls hike we did last month. the History Rock hike was only 3 miles round hike but the snow made it a little interesting but man was it a pretty hike!! we were a little disappoint at the rock itself. don't get me wrong it was pretty sweet to see all the carvings but we thought the dates would be a little older. the oldest we saw was 1932 but most were in the 2000s.

 the start into the hike...
 history rock
 always have faith
 trying to get rem to sit still long enough for a picture

 i love this man more than words...
 our happy little boy who loves to hike almost as much as his puppy!
oh just having fun on the way down :)

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