Wednesday, October 17, 2012

last minute cda trip recap.

okay i literally laugh out loud when i think about how last monday went... yes i wasn't planning on leaving until after my calming yoga class, the house was clean, dinner was made, bags packed, dog walked, wes clean and fed... well all that went to hell around 930 am. i blew the damn breaker (trying to blow dry my hair!!) two more times... after the second time it took the heater with it and i couldn't flip it anymore! it wouldn't flip after the second time so after calling mike and sobbing he told me to just go. so that's what i did! except mike had the car seat... it worked out great cause he could come say bye ;) so after a half hour of drugging the dog, feeding wes, packing.... uh yeah my packing consisted of a the sweats i was wearing, a bra and a sweat shirt for me and wesson's dirty clothes bag (i knew it had enough stuff for a week!) we were on the road... the drive (thank you Jesus!) was great! both boys slept the whole time and we were pulling into town just in time for me to pass my children off before they fully started to wake up.

my trip was perfect! my mom is the sweetest woman alive and had new lotion, shower gel, loofah,  razor and shaving cream waiting for me to grab and jump in the bath... i won't bore you all with my visiting details but seriously it was the best, relaxing visit home. since i needed a new wardrobe (i didn't bring anything  and because i officially weigh what i weighed before the wedding TWO years ago! i'll talk about that progress another time!) we left wes with grandpa and took off to the mall. wonderful surprise on my end Grandma Hunter came over and insured nothing i bought gave me muffin top :) we had a lot of good laughs. thank you!! the rest of the time was spent running around town visiting with our favorites... seriously i have the sweetest women in my life!! thank you all for making the time to squeeze us in and love on my sweet baby :)

friday night was spent drinking wine and catching up with my best friends (finally we're all married now! woop!) brandy and robyn have been by my side through everything and i don't think i'll ever be able to thank them enough for always caring and never once judging my dumb mistakes. seriously every girl needs friends like those two... they make the hard times a little brighter.

i tried to take pictures threw out the week but i slacked a little but enjoy the few i did manage to catch!

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