Monday, October 8, 2012

going home...

there is a certain comfort of finally seeing that coeur d'alene lake that just welcomes you into town... especially after its been 3 months since you've been home.... i need that.

yes plans changed mom was planning on coming to stay with me while mike was in helena for class weekend but i need a break. she would only be able to come for the weekend and i feel like i need more mommy time! so i'm coming home tonight. i decided to come last week after trying to blow dry my hair and i blew my breaker (guess i can't have my fire place on at the same time... lesson learned.) little trailer lessons are adding up and getting harder to cope with. i know i probably sound ridiculous but i need a revamp. besides i could tell you hundreds of horror stories about our little adventure in the trailer park...

i will be leaving tonight after yoga so around 830pm. my boys will hopefully snooze the whole way there and i'll be waking up refreshed to a cup of coffee with my mom. i need that. i need to not worry about latching remmi on his leash before letting him out (yes he escaped for 2 hours last week...again.) i need a few days to catch up with my favorite girlfriends. i want to go to greensbluff and visit my other mommy friends. i want to take a bath damn it! also i'll be bring loads of dirty clothes... what trip home isn't complete with pawning of mom and dads washer/dryer?!

i got mike set up with oreos, chips, candy... all that crap stuff i don't have enough control not to eat ;) i'm sad he can't come and i already miss him but i need to relax for a few days so i can take on the rest of our time here. i just keep telling myself just a few months... besides while i'm home i might just need to make sure all our ducks are in a row with buying a house and hell a little house hunting never hurt anyone!

so yes idaho i will be seeing you tonight... with my two very loud boys in tow :)

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