Tuesday, November 13, 2012

snow weekend

our area went into storm warning effect late thursday night, giving mike's crew an extra few days to enjoy family time! yes they could have still worked but i'm pretty sure the guys were needing a break from working 6 12s for the last few months. i was not complaining! especially now mike's working the week straight until we leave for home next tuesday night... there's also talk of them working seven days a week until christmas vaca. pros & cons as always with that... guess i won't stress until i know for sure.

we got about 8 to 10 inches of beautiful fluffy snow friday and saturday, we finally got to show off our snazzy new coats! i loved it and may or may not have woken wesson up a little early to take him outside ;) he wasn't too impressed. it made me miss remmi a little more because i know he would have been playing in it with me!
don't mind my awesome pjs
the four day weekend defiantly got away from us but man we got a lot done! we got all of our christmas shopping done for family since we don't have a mailing address and it'll cost a pretty penny to ship we're bringing our gifts home, we cleaned, oil changed and put a little love back into our rigs. saturday we had to take the truck in because the four wheel drive wouldn't kick out... turns out its so flipping cold the slush froze on our transfer case! oye. we did get to relax a little bit, well i got a break while mike rolled around the floor with wes while i got a few crafts done, i can't wait to show off my christmas decorations! i'm pretty proud of myself :)
 i repainted the cookie sheet to match our sweet new birds picture! i spray painted the canvas than had my artsy husband draw the birds out so i could paint them on! i'm actually very very impressed with how this turned out. i laugh every time i look at it, especially at our cute little fat tweety bird :) we also got our pictures back. i love them all! i wanted to hang a few up but of course picture frames are so heavy so i stole the idea from my linewife pal Astra and modge podged our picture.
i painted this a few weeks back but never shared it... i painted this on canvas also. yes i stole the idea from pintrest but i plan on doing the kids bathroom in blues and whales. love!

and lastly i did another canvas picture and made this little gem for right when you walk in.... i may live in a trailer in a sketch trailer park but damn it i am pretty proud of how when you walk in, it smells like home and feels like home. you all just wait and see what i can do once i get a house! ;)
on sunday we loaded wes up and braved the 2.5 hour drive to billings to go see our fur baby. i know its only been a week but i won't lie i cried when i saw him! i am soooo ready to have remmi back! i miss my running buddy.... he is doing a great job and is learning fast. we can already tell this was the best thing for him. only four weeks to go!
yes marty the trainer sends me pictures through out the week... i love it :)
the way back to bozeman took a little longer because of course you drive a big truck you're expected to help everyone who slides off the road! i was tired and ready to get home but mike got that typical shit eating grin all men get when they get to show off their man skills lol (linewives know the look, the trouble call look!! ;))
seriously, he's growing too fast!! proud of our little man!!

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