Sunday, November 18, 2012

these are a few of my favorite things... par deux

its no surprise i'm an anxious person. i like to have things planned out and if i get an idea in my head it needs to happen... like right this second. so with our upcoming trip home for thanksgiving of course i've been preparing so we'll have an organized, stress free trip.... problem: i did that last week. so here i am bored out of my mind, seeing facebook updates of "heading home" gah. i wanna post that! to make matters worse wesson has been a dream baby all week (yes i said worse... i don't have little mister distracting me from time watching) and Mike has been packing on the hours this week... he's already at 70 hours and that's not counting today monday or tuesday. plus he's beens studying like a mad man for his upcoming JL test so he comes home, eats and leaves again. as Kristina (another fellow linewife blogger) said I did not move into the trailer to be alone! -insert big sigh!-

so in light of my pity party today i'm trying to focus on little positives we have going on and since i'm bored why not share it with all of  you?? ahh aren't i sweet? ;)

  • the fact we are 75% done christmas shopping! woop. wednesday we'll be completely done... mike and i are finally getting a whole day to ourselves to go christmas shopping for wes and rem, seriously its going to be wonderful.
  • we only have 3 weeks left until we get remmi back! this of course is a half full/half empty deal... i miss that dog so much its kinda pathetic. i went for a walk last week and the neighbors asked where he was. now that's sad.
  • i've managed to sneak away (before mike sneaks away to study... boo) the last two nights for a quick run. again bittersweet deal because running at night is scary enough and without remmi its really terrifying!! but the neighbors still cheer me on so that makes me feel better, ha. i better get my booty running, seeing all my running friends throwing the miles behind them is really exciting slash really intimating! proud of you all!!
  • finally finding tea i really like! i love, love, love coffee but its been really messing with my head if i drink it in the afternoons so i've been testing different teas out and have decided i really like the brand Yogi. (i know right?)
  • speaking of i've found a new studio right up the road! i've only had a chance to go once but after vaca mike said he's giving studying a rest (thank God) so i can go twice a week.
  • finishing the last 8 week challenge and still managing to keep up and loose another pound this week. i think i've finally found a solid routine with eating and working out where its just habit now. fyi we'll be doing another challenge the start of the new year... any and everyone is welcome to join!!
  • being able to finally put our flannel sheets on the bed. flannels + electric blanket makes me never want to leave my bed!
  • my linewife ladies... they are the best group of ladies. even though i've never met some of them in person i feel like i could call them up (and i have) any time of the day if i needed to bitch about the job, trailer, or just life. they understand. they get it. they are all totally my person.
  • having so many baby options in this community! its so great, the library really does a great job of providing an up to date schedule of events.... so far we've only gone to books & babies. but its on our december list to check out baby yoga and baby sign language. wesson is getting to be so active and now that he claps he's able to really show when he's excited! sometime in december we get to go sign christmas carols at the retirement center, fun!
  • having our dvr is the best. i don't have to miss any of my old favorite and new favs... nashville anyone?! love! plus since mike's been ditching out on me this week we have a whole week of shows lined up that we didn't have to miss.
  • oh and how could i not add the most recent happy moment... that i'm 5 1/2 weeks along! hahaha seriously that whole post just made my day yesterday. i did recieve a few phone calls and texts for those dear friends who did not read the whole thing. and of course again my favorite of christopher calling me basically in tears because he had to find out over facebook. poor guy... i'm glad to see if we really were expecting already how many people would be happy for us :) thanks for the chuckle!!
alright i could really go on and on about the little blessings (like my diy spa night i planned! haha my life is so lame...) but really i know i'm boring you all so i guess i'll sip my tea, do some facebook stalking, probably call mom and bug them..i know they're bored. dad took a picture of a cookie on wesson's high chair saying wes needs a cookie. i know where i get my lameness from ;)

all rambling aside i am so ready for tuesday night!! i have a bag full of junk food and a new pandora station ready to roll! only roughly 52 hours left, but who's counting.

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  1. You are too cute! Soon, very soon you will be home and missing your trailer (maybe not)...