Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

i think i am still stuffed from our trip home... i think i literally ate my way through our vacation. classes are going to kill me this week, ha. we had the best trip home, much needed! it was very, very busy... i can't wait to be home for good so we don't feel so rushed in each of our visits. even with our extra day i didn't get to fit in everyone i wanted to see, boo. i am so glad we got to come home though... the thought of trying to cook in the trailer again makes my head hurt. in case you forgot that  fun experience here ya go ;)

i won't bore ya all with the written details instead here's some pictures... by the end of the week i got lazy with pictures, my bad!

Jussy came over to visit. short trip but oh so sweet!!

wrestling with oakley... i think its time remmi comes home

our fav place!

uncle bug showing wes how to drink...

happy thanksgiving :)

we were stuffed

my most favorite people in the whole wide world!

lights parade

my very, very best frans. finally we're all married :)

the boys... and mwalls manly drink ;)

got to see ash for a little bit, also nicole came down after for awhile...

married people can get crazy too. haha

here's the back to wesson's new wagon g.grandpa made :)

3 generations

i love my dad!!

on our way home we got to stop in Butte and visit more family!
all in all we are so incredibly blessed with wonderful friends and an ever growing family... this has been a year of so much to be thankful for....we love you all and really appreciate those who squeezed us in your busy holiday week. 

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