Thursday, November 1, 2012

Baby Food

happy november ya'll! i have been having so much fun with trying new solid foods with wes that it would be wrong of me not to share. so here ya go mommys and mommys to be :)
here's our november stash of solids... i didn't take a picture of our mixtures though!

like most other bloggers i pulled all my resources together and figured out what worked out best for us. i do have a baby bullet that i use to puree all his food but any food processor works.... we would have just used our magic bullet but we use that for salsa making and for making peanut butter so i think for safety its best to separate them!

we started wesson into solids about a month and a half ago and honestly i was really overwhelmed with his reaction thinking he didn't like anything, now i understand he was just getting used to using that tongue of his. now he loves eating any and everything.we buy all of fruits and veggies local if we can, i bought the makings for his november batch for around $20... sooo much cheaper!! he eats solids twice a day. in the morning he has just fruits and some rice cereal and the evening he gets a veggie and a fruit. i just blended everything up, froze in either the baby bullet containers or an ice tray, than put it in a labeled baggie. i didn't put dates because wes goes through everything so quick but frozen foods are good for one month and in the fridge they're good for three days.

for just the simple one fruit/veggie servings i just peeled and chopped whatever food, boiled if needed (carrots, green beans, peas etc) to make them squishy than throw them in the bullet and blend. the baby bullet recipes told me how much water to add but i was finding it was making it too watered down so i just started adding a little bit at a time to find the consistency i liked.

i read a lot of mixing foods and found most people (and my local ped) suggested not mixing until they're 6 months old so we literally just tried mixing last week so i only have a few "recipes"

Rice Cereal & Pears...i made both separate than added more pears than rice in the same bowl.
Peas & Carrots... i boiled both separately than added them both into the bullet (i only made one serving of this to make sure he liked it... he did so its one next months list!)
Banana & apricot... he loved this one!! both bananas and apricots are super easy to mush up on the spot, no prep needed except peeling.

i have a few recipes we're trying soon that i just found on a couple blogs....

apple & carrot
blueberries & quinoa (or brown rice, cereal)... cook qunioa first,a little goes a long ways!

i know these dont seem specific but all resources i've read either didn't come with it or literally came out with a completely different portions. maybe i suck at reading directions... i've had more fun with trial and errors anyways :)

hope everyone had a great Halloween, i know i enjoyed my night and loved seeing all the sweet babies in the first costumes!
 my happy lil fox :)
little pumpkin all tuckered out after cruising the neighborhood!

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