Sunday, March 24, 2013

Officially married to a JL

Wow. I think I'm still speechless. I am officially married to journeyman lineman. Just wow.

6 months of being a grunt.
3 years and 4 months being an apprentice.
9 states.
Roughly 15 cities.
11 months of total lay off (this makes us a little sick...)
15 month engagement.
2 trailers.
1 crazy trailer dog .
1 pregnancy with 2 obgyns.
1 baby with 4 pediatrician.
Too many missed events at home.
So many tears, laughs and memories made on the road.

Its been a huge sacrifice that my husband has made to get to this point. Mike earned every single hour to his journeyman ticket. He's missed family reunions, birthdays, holidays, and too many family/friend events to even begin to count. I've made sacrifices. I've lived in a trailer for two years. I gave up my career to keep my family together and support Mike 100%. We've had to learn how to relay on only each other to push through the lay offs and last minute moves. We have an incredible story and strong married to prove it.

Its a long haul to reach this point but we made it. I am so proud of my husband for his dedication, hard work, and continually effort to learn everything he can about being a safe, efficient power lineman. I am proud of myself for making the tough decision to pack up my life to go with Mike, that I pushed myself to stay busy, and raise a baby in a trailer.

We got up early Friday morning and instantly both felt that sick to your stomach, mammoth butterfly feeling you get when something big is coming. We went to the Mountain States Apprenticeship office to drop off his hours, than we met up with our friends Brandon & Astra (Brandon is a mtn states 4th step and Astra has turned into one my most treasured friends.) We went to lunch to wait for the okay to go to Local 57 to pick up the ticket. After a yummy breakfast we all headed to the union hall. It felt so surreal walking in and watching Mike tell him why we were there. There is such a pride in this job that is so cool to see. The guy gave Mike a nice speech and a hand shake (all while I was mentally trying not to tear up!) We weren't there long but I doubt we'll ever forget that day. Thank you again Brandon and Astra, you two being there made that day extra special. Your friendship is defiantly a lifelong one... we can't wait to be sitting back home watching our kids run around, drinking cold ones, and remembering back on the tough days of the apprenticeship. We love you three!!

The rest of our trip was filled with a little shopping, pool time, food, celebratory drinks and lots of relaxing.
dropping off final hours! (he's not excited at all...)

LOVE this girl!! (and brandon & baby u)

future lineman?

-so cool!

golden ticket!! so proud of this handsome husband of mine!
Before we left for SLC, one of the guys was laughing at me because I was saying it's been a long time coming and I kept saying "we". I thought at first he was making fun of me but than he got serious and said that I earned it too, Living on the road and supporting my husband every day. Hearing another lineman say that defiantly made me feel better. These 4 years have been filled with so many ups and downs but damn its been one hell of an adventure.

We keep getting asked what our plan is now. Truth is we aren't sure... we had it in our head we'd come home right away. But after the 6 hour drive back to Alamo we're really undecided. There are so many options, that's the beauty of the jl ticket! So I will say of right now we're staying in Alamo. I'm loving the weather, Mike loves this job, I have Kristina with me now, we love our family sunday dinners and we aren't ready to decide. You all know I'll keep you updated on where and when we decide to move! :) 

So at risk of sounding like a broken record, I'll leave you with this. Thank you. Thank you friends & family who have cheered us along the way, wished Mike good luck during tests, sent me positive messages during tough trailer days and most importantly carried our journey in your prayers. I can't explain the look of pure happiness I got to see on my husbands face as he handed in his last time sheet, got handed his golden ticket and the goofy smile on his face as read each of your amazing/encouraging comments. We love you all.

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