Sunday, March 24, 2013

Virtual 5k in Alamo, NV

I feel like it was forever ago that we were in Montana and I registered for Sandy Hook Virtual 5k, having no idea where I would be running it at. Well having been our traveling day, running was last thing on my mind but Kristina came over and pushed me into my running shoes. I'm so glad she did!

Funny when I registered I thought for sure I'd be running in 6 layers of clothing and fighting my way through a snow storm... not going to lie yesterday's run I wished I would have lost another layer. Sorry to my running buddies in the snow! ;)

We ended up running my faster 5k at 29:21. I'm giving Kristina the credit for the time, she defiantly kept me pushing. It was in the afternoon so we were able to go outta town a bit where normally I'd avoid because of lack of street lights. Turns out Alamo has some nasty hills and that are sure to give us some sexy calves if we keep that up!

I look forward to many more runs with this girl and earning our summer bods!

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  1. We rocked it! So glad I was a part of it, you pushed me too!