Monday, March 11, 2013

Welcome Spring (and Dad!)

As some of you saw I cracked. Only 4 weeks into solitude living and I have decided I never want to live in this small of a town ever again. Or have my husband work 84 hours every single week. We were both exhausted and luckily our weekend break came at a perfect time... aka before we both had mental break downs or Mike just feel asleep on the job.

Last Friday Mike's day got rained out so after 25 days of him working 12 plus hours each day, he got to come home before 6! I knew all he was going to want to do was sleep so I took advantage and called and made a very much needed hair appointment in Vegas. It took about an hour and a half one way but man it was worth it. My hair had gone from unintentional ombre to straight up trailer trash hair. I was really nervous about going somewhere I had never been but thanks to Yelp and a little guts I found a good place to relax without Wes clinging on my legs. Amazing how getting your hair done turns into a mini vaca. 3 hours later, a fresh trim and the start of me going back blonde I was feeling very refreshed! I'm not going to lie it was pretty bittersweet I missed Wesson's whole dinner and bath routine but dad took over and did great. Besides I think me tearing up over that was just more reason I needed to go!

Also as I was out relaxing my dad was on his way to us! He had business in Bosie on Friday and decided to drive the 8 hours more and come visit us (uhm I mean Wesson.) It was so great to spend time with him. Mike had to work another full shift on Saturday so it was just us which worked out perfect. I've always had a great relationship with my dad but being able to show him my home, new town and hang out just us was extra special. He'll always be my dad but there's something pretty great when he turns into a great friend too.

of course he came on the coldest day in nv so far :) quick park time!
He was able to come with me to pick up my first bountiful basket Saturday morning. Thanks for my bitching about not having fresh fruits and veggies at the local gas station, Aunt Amy saved the day and hooked me up with a great deal! If you've never heard of them check out this link and order your first basket. I know a few people who do it back home but seriously its awesome. We got to walk to the elementary school, pick up my baskets and I got to give the grand tour of Alamo along the way.

my first basket! freshest fruit I've had in a month!

We finished our day out with dinner at Carlos and poker with the guys. If dad had more time we were taking him to Vegas. He smoked us! The trip ended way too quick but dang I'm so happy Dad made the time. It really meant a lot to me... its probably one of the coolest things to see your dad playing on the swings with your own son. :)

By the time Sunday came around Mike was so happy to be able to sleep in a little bit. Not much of course because we do have a loud child who I think was pretty excited to play with his dad finally! We started our day off with french toast with my dad before he headed back home. Than Mike and I loaded the truck up for a little hike around the lake. It was a beautiful area, defiantly different than back home. We traded in our beautiful pine trees for crazy looking cactus! I'm not sure why but we're not aloud to swim in the water, total bummer because it actually looked pretty clear. We got to see two little otters playing in the water. Luckily Remmi was off chasing birds, otherwise I'm not sure we'd have gotten him back!

we really need to invest in a new hiking back pack! luckily the was a paved path this time...

lovin the sunshine!

First Alamo hike!

so happy daddy is home to hang out!

joshua tree!
After our hike around the lake we found a little side road to check out. Mainly Mike kept saying he was looking for rocks that he could climb up in the truck with... some days I think he never aged past 18 ;) the further we drove down the canyon road, the spookier it got. We really are in the middle of no where Nevada. We came across these 3 wooden crosses up on the hill so of course we had to go check them out up close! They didn't look like graves but I'm sure they probably were. They looked like they'd been there awhile but someone is making sure they don't tip over with all the wires.
We had a good time making up stories why they were there :)
Our Sunday funday ended with sloppy joes, fries and beers with the guys and of course the newest episode of Walking Dead... well the first half anyways. All that sunshine made me extra sleepy!
Wesson's early Easter present from Grandma & Grandpa Schenck. Camping high chair! :) Perfect height for sharing with Remmi now...
All in all I had an excellent weekend. It was the perfect pick me up I needed... now only 10 more days until we head to SLC to pick up the Golden Ticket!!! and 2.5 weeks until Grandma gets to come visit for a week!! Countdowns make everything better :)

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