Monday, March 18, 2013

St. Patty's in Pictures

I feel like yesterday was part dream because it went by too quickly. But I guess that's expected when Mike gets a day off and we have to cram grocery shopping in... seriously I really don't like grocery shopping anyways but this trip took the cake and confirmed my desire to never live in a town without an actual grocery store.

I woke up went for a quick run and hit the road to Vegas. All together it took me 6 hours to get there, shop and head home. Ridiculous. I felt like the insane coupon lady with over flowing carts. It was all worth... with a little magic it all fit and we are completely stocked up. (okay too much HP? am I only one who reeeally wishes they had a wand when it comes to cleaning/organizing?)

 Costco & Walmart I kinda wanted to hurt people after trying to fit everything in the carts... I didn't take an after pic of Costco but come on its Costco we all know how quickly we find stuff we neeeeed :)

To my happy surprise Jamba Juice was right next to the shopping center. Takes me back to my preggo days... and yes it was necessary to get the largest cup!

Longest flattest drive of my life.

But all that was worth it all said n done! We were finally able to squeeze in park time with Daddy! Having him home makes any bad day better!! Love my boys SO much!

Oh Yeah Karen I stocked up on WINE!! :)

 The Boys cooking. Don't mind the sweet new table clothe I bought for Colton... good thing these guys are thinkers and duct taped it down ;)
kabobs, pasta salad, watermelon and strawberry shortcake for dessert... perfect linefamily Sunday dinner.

and YES we got new neighbors!! Kristina and her boys made it in just in time for dessert :) so excited to go show them the town later!
So now we're back to Monday but this week I don't have to wait to Sunday to see more of Mike. Only 2 more days and we'll be in Salt Lake City!! :) I am so excited to spend a little time with my family, go shopping with one of my favorite people ever (Astra and Brandon will be in SLC at the same time, perfect!!), finally meet a few more linewives for drinks, and of course pick up the golden ticket!
Until than I'll be busy getting ready for our trip and packing up to move tonight. Either to another section in the park or to a new park. We're still dealing with power issues and I think my husband is about to blow a fuse. Ugh.
Hope everything had a fun St Patty's and got their fill of green beer! :)


  1. I MADE THE BLOG! I MADE THE BLOG!!! So glad you two girls are together, and that you get to visit Astra! I can't wait to visit with you myself, someday...

  2. So excited to see you!!! Woot!