Monday, April 29, 2013

Wesson's Birthday Week.

Yes, it took a whole week to celebrate our one year old's birthday. That's how it is in line life. You fit stuff in where you can :)

Our original plan was for Mike to ask for Friday off and we were going to celebrate than, he wasn't able to get the day off so we got over being bummed and made it work. Luckily (well for us...) Tuesday the 22nd Mike's crew got winded out, they had the option to do other things but Mike took the opportunity for us to celebrate!

We pack up our day bag, called around for an opening for doggie daycare, and headed to Vegas. After we dropped Remmi off, we headed to Mandalay Bay to grab lunch and hit the aquarium. We were really excited to see Wesson's reaction to the aquarium since he had such a fun time last time at only 3 months old. And we weren't disappointed!

He laughed and love trying to grab the fishies. My favorite was his reaction to the GIANT squid crawling? swimming? across the glass. It was hilarious.

We were able actually touch sting rays too. Wesson wasn't able to reach in to touch but of course he laughed the whole time and thought it was pretty cool when they got close to the surface so they splashed the water. I think more than anything our water baby probably just wanted to swim with them.
Since our day was last minute we didn't have time to wrap presents or bake the cake so we saved presents for his actual birthday.
Friday was pretty laid back here. Wesson and I grabbed ice cream with Kristina and Tarah and their kids. It really is so nice to have more families here to help get through days that are meant to celebrate with families back home. It really is hard seeing all the birthday parties my friends get to throw for their babies, not only do we wish we could be there, we just wish we could offer the same for Wes.
our line family!

Birthday Boy!

Once Mike got off work we drove right into presents! Although he still didn't grasp the opening part, he was pretty happy with the toys inside. He's obsessed with the safari truck my parents sent down. He's such a boy!
We invited the guys over (since Kristina left me! okay she's just on vacay but still... and Tarah was having family time) It was up to the tough lineman to sing happy birthday to our one year old... and sing they did! It was perfect. Thank you guys for making it special for us... As one of them asked Mike, "ever thought you'd be celebrating your boys birthday with line trash?" it completes our life :)

Once again he proves to love his cake!
Such good sports!! :)

haha getting hosed off before he was allowed inside. seriously such a water baby!!
We finished Wesson's birthday off with his 12 month check up today in Mesquite, another 1 hour 45 minute drive. I knew it would be a long day but it proved to more mentally exhausting than planned. We found the doctors easy enough but once we got there it was already 90 degree (at 10 am!) Since I would be gone all day, I brought Remmi with me instead of letting him melt in the trailer. I got there early enough to check in and than go outside and let Remmi out so he wouldn't die. I was in the middle of asking the receptionist to come get me outside when they were ready when this mean lady came in demanding who drove the big, brown truck. Well... that's mine. I am not exaggerating when I say she flipped out on me. Yelling at me (in the middle of the office!!) that I was killing my dog and that I didn't deserve him OR my child And if he was out there in 10 minutes she was calling the cops. WOW! Instantly I teared up, I talk that I can handle issues and most the time I can but it had been a long few days people. Luckily the receptionists and the other patients came to my defense and ran her off. Still feeling like shit and hoping the nut didn't steal my dog, I wasn't sure what to do. One of the nurses came to my aid and said she would take care of him during our appointment. What a life saver!! She played with him out back and than let him hang out in their break room. :) so great.
After the appointment was over (and Remmi wasn't dead.) we grabbed lunch and hit the park before making the looong drive home.
yes, crazy Mesquite lady I clearly abuse my dog.
and now I have a fun announcement!!!
Yes that's right we're officially leaving Alamo. in TWO weeks, yippeee!!! We decided now that the temp isn't going below 90 and in the 10 weeks we've been here we've paid off 2 credit cards and 2 loans the Ely 500 kv line has served it's purpose. Although I am honestly really sad to leave our friends that we've made here, I know this crazy life will bring out paths to cross again.
We will be packing up and leaving Nevada on the 13th and heading HOME! It will take a few days and cda will not be permanent but it will serve as our stepping stone for now. Our ultimate goal is to get on a local utility back home but Mike needs some hot sticking time first and like I've said before we're not fully ready to be back in cda.
We're planning on bringing the trailer home than going to sign a few books around Washington, than coming back and hanging out until we get a call. We're thinking it will probably take a few weeks but if it takes any longer than a month we'll leave again. There's always work somewhere, we're just aiming for closer to home to make all those exciting events coming up.
That's all I have for now. As more details get sorted out I'll let ya all know! yippeee. We can't wait and we're so excited to see everyone!! :) 


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  1. Happy birthday, Wesson! Looks like he really enjoyed his cake!
    Glad that you were able to pay off some debts. Nothing better than not owing anyone anything!

    Sue // Chevron & Lace