Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend Ramblings

Since this was our first low key weekend all summer and I don't really have exciting stuff to share this Monday I'll keep it short n sweet!

5 Things Monday!!

1- I went to my 1st ever hot yoga class. I've been meaning to check out The Yoga Room since I've moved back to town. Well as we all know life picks up, we get busy, blah blah. I finally decided to go on Friday morning and I am SO glad I did. Its exactly 1 mile from my house so no dealing with traffic (if I was real motivated I'd run there but... I'm not) The studio is adorable and Celeste the owner was just awesome. I was worried hot yoga would be way different than yoga and it really wasn't. There's just something great about that first down dog in class. Love it! I'm even more in love with the fact little bug gets to come with me! Not for mommy and me yoga cause lets be honest, I wasn't a fan. Celeste brings in this sweet lady who has two kids of her own to hang out in the play room upstairs. The Yoga Room offers a steal of a deal, I bought a pass to go 3x a week for a month- child care included. I can't wait to really jump back into my practice again! :) And as always if you're nervous and want a friend to go with, CALL ME! I love meeting up and taking new friends to class!

2- My 21 year old brother just BOUGHT his first house! Seriously. Now I'd be lying if I didn't say I was a little jealous but for the sake of my parent's and his own sanity I am very happy! His house is the more adorable version of mine. Ours has some quirky things that if we were buying we'd never have bought this house. Its the perfect fit for Christopher, large back yard, RV parking, 3 bedrooms, the whole nine yards. I am so proud of him. I don't know many 21 years olds getting their shit together like he is!
snazzy new couch. Remmi approved.

3- The minor foot procedure. Yes I'm leaving it at that. I got work done on my foot that is causing me to not really be able to put shoes on and it hurts to walk. haha its so dumb and nothing seriously. I'm leaving it at that. If you ask for details, I'll send you a picture and you'll be grossed out and probably won't want to be friends anymore. that'd make me sad.

4- Wall Reception Bash!! Woop finally it came! Our dearest friends, Brandy and Mike got married last September. (yes I was suppose to go but typically linelife decided to move us the week I was leaving!!:( booo) It turned out perfect. Low key, good friends, cold beer, great food! Just what the bride ordered! Love you two!!
love love love them!
the old t n p

my world!
5- Because this blog was semi lame I'm leaving you with this adorable picture that will brighten your Monday morning. We have the sweetest, water child. I just love him so much.

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  1. Sometimes low key weekends are the best!! <3