Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Broken Hand=Family Time

i'm not saying i wished for mike to break his hand but i'm not complaining about getting to see his cute face before 9 pm now. he got his cast put on yesterday and go figure it is bright ass hunter orange. he goes back in on July 10th to hopefully get the cast removed or they'll put a soft cast on again. so until he is all healed my lineman is put on light duty 4 10s :) he's obviously a little pissed but hey he's still working and he gets to see us a little more! my first thought was yes camping! but because Colorado is going up in flames an hour north we're put on a no fire ban shoot.

we finally had a nice weekend together. made up for my first rough weeks here... Saturday we dropped Rem off at doggy day care and went into Denver to the aquarium. we figured Wesson would sleep the whole time but even better he was wide awake and loving it! we held him most the time and he would just stare at all the fish. it was so precious! at lunch we sat in front of the huge tank and he just laid back and watched. he was the perfect baby!

big ass ugly fish... go figure this is the only fish picture i took!

Sunday was Mike's first fathers day :) so we packed up our boys and drove an hour to Evergreen Lake. we picked this hike because we wanted to take the stroller and needed a shorter hike. it was beautiful if we could move closer to this area we could in a heart beat! Evergreen Lake was so pretty and the path was perfect for a stroller, most of the way... about half way we came to stairs going down and than back up the other side. obviously not the best for a stroller so we went to turn around and retrace our steps when a mama elk and her baby decided they wanted to use the path. ugh... so either wait it out or try the stairs. being adventurous we chose stairs. great plan for my one armed husband. but we made it down and up safely thankfully! :)

 Evergreen Lake, CO

Path from above the stairs

Not sure of our plans this weekend. mike has class in Denver saturday so we might try to find another sunday hike... this time we'll be using our sweet back pack Nicole and Patty got us!!

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