Tuesday, June 12, 2012

what we know

-i'm going to have good days and reeeally hard/bad days but i'm strong

-mike can give up junk food and eat healthy with me, who knew! although i had to find a "healthy" cookie recipe for him. oatmeal cookies = 46 cal

-itsy bitsy yoga makes me feel like a total goober but i love it... "iiiiinnnnn, ouuuuut good happy baby!" ha just roll with it

-i've managed to get back to my pre baby weight and i've lost 4 pounds. i am extremly proud of my hard work although this whole flabby tummy, uterus contracting bullshit sucks i'm sticking with it and will hit my goal

-i have probably the worlds best baby. he created his own schedule and is sticking to it

-every mother who has ever said time is going to fly was right. i'm amazed daily at how much wesson is changing and growing... he is the sweetest little boy already.

-mike is working a lot. like 76 hours the last week a lot. its hard for me but harder on him... he finally got to hold his baby this morning. this is the reason i'm here... he may not get to hold him daily but he gets to see him and kiss him good night every single night. worth the long, lonely days for me.

-i have the best friend. Brandy's daily encouraging texts and talks are helping me through. Brandy you're the best ever.

-unlimitated free mobile to mobile calling is the best invention ever. i talk to mom on average 3 times a day.... i love it. i'm so glad she doesn't have a "normal" job these chats push me through rough times

-colorado storms are simply amazing...we've had tornado warnings, high wind warnings, fire warnings and now i'm listening to the thunder roll in while its still 92 degrees out. beautiful.

-i'm married to an incredible man who despite his long hours still manages to rub my back before bed, run spaz dog at 4am so mornings go smoothly for me, fixed my stroller tires after my off roading stunt, and he does it all without one complaint. also guess who's turning the big 2-3 in two weeks...his one request for out for burger, fries, and a beer... go figure! but he said he wants a small icecream cake so we can quickly get back on track. oh i love him.

-i can navigate myself in the truck to the super target, vs, bass pro, and walmart without my navigator now! i suck at city driving though...

-moms who said i'd loose sleep havent met my son... hes going on 9 days of 8 hours solid sleep. simply wonderful.

-i am extremly thankful & blessed i get to be a full time mom. i couldnt imagine sharing these smiles

-i have a frustrating puppy that i cant get rid of

-ive mastered pushing a stroller & walking said frustrating puppy through sandy paths... whew now thats a workout!

-life is so precious. my heart aches for my friend katie who had to say good bye to her sweet 6 month old baby girl. please include them in your prayers tonight....<3

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