Tuesday, June 5, 2012

i'm surviving... kinda.

who would ever think i'd be typing that i miss wyoming?! its weird but i do. i knew where things were and everything was bunched together in ONE area... not spread out in an hour radius. Yes Denver has SO much to offer but i have two problems. one: its huge and i get lost  and two: its basically takes a day trip to go into Denver and will a almost 6 week old thats kinda of difficult. i'm learning but man its been a rough week.

i caught my parents cold when i left idaho, not the best thing but okay i can handle a cough and a sneeze. never did i dream my sweet baby would catch it! he's okay but seeing him cough and sneeze is hard to watch. i had an over protective mom moment and found a pediatrician right down the road. of course they told him he's fine and there's nothing really i can do except try to comfort him. --side note he weights 9.5 lbs now!! growing boy!!-- this cold has really thrown our wonderful sleeping schedule for a loop... for 4 days Wesson didn't sleep at all in the afternoon and would just cry. i felt so helpless but also i was starting to want to pull my hair out.

i think he's starting to feel a little better now. yesterday he had little crying fits but i was able to finally calm him down and he got some sleep in the afternoon. and last night he slept 9 hours straight!! must be catching up on sleep loss :) but of course Remmi escaped yesterday, not only once but twice!! luckily that dog loves string cheese and i got him home. if its not one baby its another!

its all a lot harder and more overwhelming that i imagined. it doesn't help mike is working SO much! last week he worked 6 12s and last night he informed me he's now going to 7 12s... no day off for this mama. its hard being alone so much right now but i just have to keep thinking the more hours = faster this apprenticeship can go. plus our savings is already building up and we should have a down payment before we know it! have to focus on positives right now!

well there ya go, i'm semi surviving for now. it can really only get better as time goes on and we find our groove here in Brighton!

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