Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter, Vegas & my Momma

Happy Monday. Happy day late Easter. Happy April!

I don't know if its just because I am a mommy of a basically toddler, wife of a man who constantly needs more food and supplies me with an unlimited amount of laundry or this is just how life is now but man I feel like I am always busy. Like big sigh when I get to sit down busy. I'm not sure how I'll handle another baby one day! sheesh!

So this last week was nothing short of, well ya know... busy. We got another linewife in Alamo last Sunday. Readers meet Tarah and her lineman Adam! :) They have 3 kids around the same ages as Kristina. So fun.
Tarah & Adam
The week was full of park dates and last minute cleaning before I got to go pick up my favorite person ever, my mom! My mom flew into Vegas Thursday afternoon and we've been having fun lounging in the sun, walking and catching up. Even though we literally talk every day, okay twice a day, it just doesn't beat good conversation face to face! She's the best and helps me calm down and stop stressing over not knowing where we're going. Even though its fun deciding, its a weird shock to know our life is now fully in our hands.
having lunch at the Scoop!

Since we first got to Alamo, Mike and the guys have been talking about going to Vegas to celebrate Mike topping out. Of course we figured I wouldn't be able to go cause we have Wesson. Well they started talking about it last Sunday since they all got Easter Sunday off so Saturday night would be perfect. I wasn't planning on leaving mom alone with my crazy bunch but last minute I decided to join in the boys trip to Vegas and boy am I glad I did!

We (Mike, Matt, DJ and myself) left after they got off work, drove 90 miles to Caesar's Palace to check in, and immediately got ourselves drinks & found the card tables. I will spare you all the drunkenness that happened through out the night (not to mention the pictures on my phone....) but dang was it a fun night. Couple of lineman, free drinks and large paychecks turned into limo rides, bar dancing, almost hookers, and lots of pussy cat dolls in gages while gambling (and somehow winning) all our money that we spend in Vegas. Nothing like a free trip, perfect, quick trip. We finally feel asleep at 5 and was up out the door at 7 am. Being Wesson's first Easter I was anxious to make the trip back home to my baby. Thank you again mom for letting us escape and thank you again crazy boys for an unforgettable night in Viva Las Vegas!
Our Easter was pretty laid back. Luckily I made most of my Easter food the day before and only had to do a a few last minute stuff so I was able to sneak a nap in before having to be social. Wesson's first Easter was nothing short of a memorable one, even if he won't remember. Kristina, Tarah and myself teamed up and divided tasks to make dinner for all the other guys and it turned out great! We had plenty of food, beer and things to laugh about (ie the ridiculous vegas stories) After dinner we set up an Easter egg hunt for their older kids and it was pretty great watching the guys (most of which don't have kids) hide Easter eggs. I had to remind one or two that kids don't climb trees or poles for that matter!
Hiding eggs!
way to be team players guys!
line babies <3
alamo line ladies

After dinner is was so relaxing to just sit around, watch the babies play, and really see how lucky we are. We've lived in some fun and not so fun places but having good friends to help make holidays special really takes the cake. We really are so incredibly blessed to be here.
Now I'm off to enjoy a few more days of having my mommy here! :)

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