Thursday, February 28, 2013

10 Month Hurricane Wes

Wow, am I really typing 10 months?! FYI this is an overload of Wesson post, I know long over due :)

Yes I officially have a typical crawling everywhere, getting into everything, accident prone, dog food eating 10 month old boy. I think I've said this before but I really don't think Wesson had a mellow baby stage. I mean yes he was mellower but I feel like he's always been a crazy child, and by that I mean the light of my life of course!

Wesson is just so much fun! He is constantly keeping us on our toes. Especially now that he can climb the stairs and fall back down. sigh. Seriously I didn't encourage the stairs for this reason and it happens with me sitting right there. I've already kissed my fair share of owies even though I think I tear up more than he does. He's such a stud.

When Mike was laid off him and Wesson really bonded. Like made me a little jealous bonded... well that bond certainly stuck despite Mike's long hours away. Mike gets home just in time for the end of the story and a good night kiss but boy does our little boy light up when daddy walks in the door. He doesn't even have to see him, just hear the door open and he doesn't want anything to do with boring mom. There are long days I really feel like I don't know if being here is best but man the minute I see Wesson's face, all questions go right out the door. It'll be tough on everyone when the boys and I move home in the transition time. 

I just have to say this little boy has been such a trooper with all the moving. I know he really doesn't know what's going on but this many changes can't be the easiest on his little body... today we took him to the local clinic for his 10 month wellness check up. This is now the 4th doctor he's seen, in the 4th state! He checked out great and was quite the hit in the waiting room crawling around entertaining the folks.

  • He now weighs 22 lbs and is 28 inches long, growing right on track
  • He has 6 teeth and loves brushing them with his own sesame tooth brush.
  • Crawls everywhere... and he's fast, like scary fast.
  • With him now being so quick him and Remmi actually play now. It cracks me up. Remmi will bring Wes a bone than Wes crawls away with it and Rem chases him. I think Remmi is ready for him to be able to full blown wrestle, which I have a feeling is coming soon.
  • He no longer likes baby foods. He only wants real foods and is now obsessed with eggs for breakfast.
  • His current favorite thing to do is swing. He gets the look of pure joy across his face when he sees the swing.
  • I think he's starting to get the idea to walk. He'll stand between the couch and foot stool and take a few steps than crawl.
  • He thinks its hilarious to eat dog food and if I catch him and say no he spits it out... into Remmi's water dish.
  • I've spent way too many minutes trying to figure out why I don't have hot water until I found out Wesson is perfect height to flip the switch off.
  • He is still going to bed around 7 and waking up around 6 but his naps are very short now. I'm lucky if he takes 2 one hour ones... I'm attempting next week to switch it up to just one long mid day one.
  • He says mama clearly and says a big jumble of words when Mike gets around.

I know you shouldn't put this much pressure on your kids but I really am glad he's around. Alamo is already getting pretty lonely and I'm not sure what I'd do without Wesson... I guess I'd look pretty silly going down slides by myself. He already has such a sweet personality and is pretty laid back about everything. I think Mike and I lucked out in the baby department :)

brush brush!

seriously is that just the look of pure joy! love!

middle of their "game"

yay sunshine!

had to post... my dog is a freak.

zonked out after the long morning of errands around town.

Side note: happy early 1st birthday Emma!! Tori & Justin was it really a year ago we were all sitting in birthing class counting days until we got to meet our babies?! I so wish we could be there to help celebrate but we can't wait to facebook stalk all the pictures :)

Scariest part of this... Wesson turns 1 in 8 weeks now :-/ I remember holding Emma 7 months pregnant and mentally wishing time to move and contractions to come. oh boy...

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