Monday, April 8, 2013

The Sick Bug.

"i've seen better days, but i've also seen worse. i don't have everything i want, but i do have everything i need. i woke up with some aches and pains but i woke up. my life may not be perfect but i am blessed."

That was my go to verse for the week. Yes it was a very, very trying week but if a little bug is all our health issues I count myself very blessed.

This last week was defiantly not my favorite. Which I guess I had it coming to me since we've been on a pretty great roll lately. I had to say good bye to my mom on Tuesday so I should have known than it would be going down hill. On Tuesday I had to go pick up Mike so he could stay with Wesson while I took mom to the airport. I can't remember if I mentioned the nasty bug that attacked Mike last week... but it knocked him on his ass and after a few days going by I thought for sure I missed it. Well it caught up and hit Wes Tuesday morning, in the nastiest form of explosive diarrhea. I know TMI but hey I'm a mom and its my blog. deal.

my poor sick babes
I took mom into the airport, picked up a few groceries on the way outta Vegas, only to now notice we need formula, diapers, and wipes. Go figure. Now I'm plotting out an exhausting day of driving and errands with Wes and Rem. Mike is back on 7s so there is no waiting for a day off now.

The bug hit me a few days later and I can't remember the last time I have been that sick. It brought back all too vivid memories of 9 months of puking. Baby #2 might have to wait longer, I'm not looking forward to that again. I learned a hard new mommy lesson of trying to change sheets, keep a sick baby entertained while trying to keep myself under control. It was a long day and thank God I felt a million times better the next day. Since than I've been busy battling diapers, making laundry runs, and attempting to keep sane.

By the time Saturday morning rolled around even though Wesson was still sick we were all feeling a bad case of cabin fever. I had signed up while ago for a local 5k, thinking maybe I'd get lucky and Mike could get it off. With that not happening I decided to try it out with both boys in tow. I was pretty happy about how it turned out except my stroller has a hop in the front tire. Every once in awhile while running the tire would go all crazy and force me to walk. That part was frustrating but we did it and it ensured a great nap time that afternoon! I may not be the biggest fan of living long term in Alamo but the people are pretty rad. The race benefited a scholarship program created by family members who had lost a local man 7 years ago. He was a volunteer fireman here but worked in Vegas. He was killed in a car accident coming back from work, leaving his wife and 3 young kids. I felt a little out of place as they were sharing stories before the race but it was so touching to see people come together in his honor.

After the race

We did get a fire pit though and that kinda completes my life. Last night I think I ate 5 s'mores, hah so worth it. I don't know why in all my years of camping, bon fires and marshmallow roasting I've never even thought of replacing Hershey's chocolate bars but last night we had a smorgasbord of candy to try out... seriously so yummy and so much fun. It saves my sanity to sit around have real conversations, drink a beer and eat! 

Now that April is here, Mike's days are getting a little hot out in the desert and the tiny town of Alamo is starting to close in on us, we're getting ready to make decisions about our next move. I can't really share any details yet but hopefully the end of next week we'll know more!

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