Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Turtles & Spas

Alright friends I know you've been waiting for me to explain the turtle situations! Well folks apparently outside of Alamo lives endangered tortoises and on Saturday one of the Sturgeon crews took another one out. A few weeks ago they had hit another one and were given a warning that if they killed one more the job would be shut down. Its ridiculous. They have biology majors out there patrolling the areas watching out for these little guys and when I say little, I mean the one they killed was the size of a silver dollar. How do they expect to even be seen?! I know "poor, cute little turtles" but in our case they may as well be ugly vultures because they are such a pain in the ass.

So Saturday our guys came home pissed but laughing. Seriously its such a silly reason to be shut down! Kristina and I instantly thought yes this is our moment to sneak away to Vegas! And yes that's exactly what we did! We knew they for sure had Sunday off but we were planning a big Mexican dinner (complete with beer pong, ice cream making, smores and fires) so we thought Sunday would be rushed for time so when we heard they had more days off we made plans for Monday!

BIG thanks to Kristina for planning out our day! We left Alamo bright and early and headed to Vegas! We've both never had acai bowls before so we found a cute little Juice n Go by our nail salon and got the hook up! Since I'm trying to figure out the weirdness in my body (more on this later) I'm cutting out sugar, gluten and dairy for two weeks, I know crazy but I'm hoping I can start feeling "normal" and more balanced. So my acai bowl didn't get the yummy yogurt or granola but sheesh was it good!

We headed to the nail salon, where they cured my dragon, desert feet! Seriously I feel like I have new feet! The only down fall was there was an unhappy baby next to me while getting my nails painted. Not what I wanted to listen to while I was in escape day. Oh well we both left feeling pampered with cute Chinese flowers on our toes! :)

Next we headed to Caesar's Palace for the Qua Spa! O.M.G. I couldn't take pictures inside but wow. It was so cool. We each started with 75 minute heaven scrubs and massages. Perfect, just perfect! My lady was pretty hilarious too and she even scrubbed my belly! I know understand why Remmi rolls over ;)

After that we fueled up on fruits and water before going to the Roman Baths. You walk into this peaceful, dim setting where they had water coming out of the ceiling and three baths. Each a different temp and the pools changed colors. I was impressed. Once we relaxed there we hit up the sauna rooms. There are 3 rooms; wet sauna, dry sauna and an ice sauna! whaaa? it snowed on us and had an ice machine. brilliant! my pores were feeling happy after our rounds there! Plus it was hilarious talking to one lady in the ice room. I'm pretty sure she thinks we're mad for living in trailers in the desert with babies. I love explaining our life to strangers! :)


Once we showered... okay at home I have one shower head and it depends on the day what kind of pressure and how much hot water I'll have.... at Caesar's my shower had a giant shower head and FOUR other heads!! my head, back and front got showered at once! Think they'll let me move in?! after we got ourselves all pretty we found a salad shop inside Caesar's. I'm slowly expanding my pallet and got a yummy Asian salad, I was pleasantly surprised!

We started the drive back home shortly after. We could have spend all day wandering, enjoying no one needing something from us but we figured our husbands were probably needed back up by now. Thanks again for being such great sports guys! And thank you Kristina for a perfect mommy day! I couldn't have asked for a better partner during my Alamo time!

When we got home Mike's grandparents were already there and loving on their great grand baby. Its not very often we get to see family so these rare occasions are so wonderful! They are on their way into Idaho from Texas. Snow birds, traveling gypsies, birds of a feather :) They also brought a mini birthday cake for Wesson, since he'll be a year old NEXT FRIDAY! eek! It was so funny watching him poke it, taste it, and of course face plant right into it. such a boy. They got to spend the yesterday here also, even though it was the crummiest day in Alamo we made the best of it. Good thing they have a giant motor home for Wes to crawl around in. That kid needs more space!

Mike is back to work today. Even though the rest of the guys are still on stand still... I think they're starting to feel sorry for us wives in Alamo, they're going stir crazy! We're pretty sure the job isn't going to be shut down but its not for sure yet. They're working out the price it'll cost to let them finish now... all over a silly turtle! haha.

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  1. Seriously, a SILVER DOLLAR SIZED TURTLE? I told Liam about it on Monday when he got home and he rolled his eyes. Glad you got a spa day, bummed that the job has been on hold.