Friday, April 26, 2013

The day we met Wesson Michael.

Its 5:30am on April 26th, this time last year we were officially checked in at KMC, Mom was probably just showing up with fuel for Mike and Brandy & Robyn were coming to keep me company while Mike snoozed.... wow one year ago. If you're a momma and feeling sentimental about birth go read this, my birth story. I bawled my eyes out. Thank you again Dad for the pictures.

Time sure does go quickly, too quick. We have a one year old. A crazy couch climbing, puppy chasing, pb&j eating, almost walking, always talking big, one year old son. I'm in shock and so much in love. I'm such a mom now, eeek!

The days I would dream of my future husband and family, the hours Mike and I spend over talking about our future babies, the moments I would feel my baby boy moving my tummy and dreaming what'd he be like. Those all seem so long ago. Distant memories.

My days are now filled with early morning slobbers, wet shirts because Wes loves to climb out of the tub and into my arms. I'm busy pushing Remmi aside to clean up the left over lunches. Making walks back and forth to the laundry mat and folding little boy shirts, not just onsies now. I was picking up a pair of Wesson's shorts and noticed he got a grass stain on it, how do I have a such a little boy already?!

Wesson may be my identical twin, okay Christopher's twin but he has his daddy's attitude. He is so laid back and welcomes every day with a smile.  Wes already has the sweetest personality but knows how to be such a stinker at times. He takes on new challenges and loves to push the adventure line. I was slow closing our screen door a few weeks back and that little guy went straight for the escape... and right down the steps. He cried, I cried; but I held on too long, he wanted to try it again. He laughs over any and everything, he loves to make us smile.

I knew he would change our lives but I had no idea how much he would be my little buddy. We've made a home in 5 different towns and he's made the transitions easier. How does a less than one year old offer so much peace and comfort during crazy moves!? I've branched out into different communities more since Wes, you don't look like such a loner when you're holding the hand of a cute boy. Bringing a newborn into a trailer life is a difficult task but having such a perfect baby makes life so much easier.

I should probably finish up here and start my day before Wes thinks its time to start his birthday. (or before I decide its time he wakes up... hey what can I say I get excited!)  He's  really hilarious in the mornings, he wakes up every day laughing. Typically tossing his giraffe on the ground letting me know he's ready to start the day and explore something new.

Happy 1st Birthday, my sweet baby boy. We love you so much.



You make our days that much sweeter, baby boy! 

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