Wednesday, July 24, 2013

High Voltage Virtual 5K

I am so excited to share this virtual race with you guys! As I've mentioned before I am part of the NSUJL (national sisterhood united for journeyman lineman).  You can read all about this awesome group of woman HERE and "like" them on facebook to keep up HERE Besides donating a little cash and keeping up on the latest info I haven't really had to do much, which is actually a great thing! Most members are needed if an accident happens and they need someone close by to help with, well anything the family needs. Thankfully I haven't been needed and would like to keep it that way so stay save guys!

BUT since I love this organization so much and the strong woman behind it, I am going to take advantage of this 5k and see what North Idaho has to offer! The actual race is in California but they are offering a virtual part which means you still get a tee shirt for running all the way up here ;) Normally a virtual race you just run by yourself or a partner but typically not a group. I ran my first virtual 5k with Kristina in the middle of no where Nevada!

Anyways I want to run in a group here. So in order for that to happen I need you wonderful, running pals to join me. Either print this off and send it in (registration down below) or email Jessica at with t-shirt size and cc #.
registration form
Once you've officially registered email me at or text me or comment here or fb or just somehow let me know so when it gets closer I can let you know the cda meet up and race details. If enough of us run together maybe we can convince Mike to buy pizzas & beer to celebrate ;) haha we all know Mike loves to sponsor a good time!!
If you're reading this and you don't live close to us but still love to run, especially for a good cause please sign up!! I know plenty of you TIU members who might come across this... Register and let me know! I would love to get the word out across the US and see how big we can get this!
This isn't until November 9th people so you have over 16 weeks to prepare. I know I've slacked off on my running and am starting from basics again, only this time with Mike away I'm stuck with the babe and dog. Sheesh talk about adding an arm workout in...I will be posting reminders as it gets closer and you can bet I'll be bugging some of you until I get an email so you may as well sign up now! :)
xxx! Cayla 

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