Monday, July 15, 2013

Water Logged

I'm currently writing this watching Devious Maids (please someone else watch this so I can OMG with someone!!) while Wesson and Remmi are both deep in nap time. Our hike with Sam up Mineral Ridge (I know I'm obsessed) wore us all out. This was the first time I've hiked up and down with my 26 pound babes strapped on my back. I was sweating like a pig but I'm just calling it a Monday detox after a babyless weekend.

Last weekend Mike and I were suppose to be in Butte, MT watching our friends compete in the Montana Lineman Rodeo with drinks in hand. Well somehow, which I'm still confused how OCD, control freak Cayla screwed the dates. The rodeo isn't until this upcoming weekend. Well we had planned on having my parents watch Wes so we could go and really enjoy it and not worry about the heat & nap times. My parents had already made plans for the 20th so yes we're missing out on the rodeo BUT we still took advantage of this weekend.

Now I'm not complaining because this was our decision to have me move home but this "part time single mom" gig was starting to take its toll. Wes spiked a fever of 104 suddenly and the sick bug stayed with him longer than I could mentally handle. By the time Thursday came around I was so ready to hand my sweet but whiney baby boy to mom and dad!

Mike and I got loaded up and headed up to Priest Lake Friday afternoon and started our wifey/husband trip! It was perfect and yes I'll use that word a few more times in this post :)


We stayed at Indian Creek at Priest Lake it wasn't exactly our cup of tea. We usually camp where we have no service, no camp neighbors and no "dogs on a leash" rule. After we set up our tent and kept getting dirty looks from Rem running around chasing squirrels we unloaded the 4 wheelers and got outta that camp!
wanna see a girl shine? put her in her natural elements

We found an old logging trail that took us up a mountain that over looked the lake. Random fact: I married a good old Idaho boy that had NEVER picked huckleberries before! whaaat? I don't know how I didn't know this fact and its probably better I didn't ;) anyways so on our ride I was on a mission to show Mike what huckleberry bushes look like even if the berries weren't ready yet. It worked out great and not only did we find bushes we found berries! big yummy ones! So my dear husband now can say he's picked berries before! We actually were able to pick over a quart of huckleberries. I'll be attempting to make a pie soon.

my boys picking berries!
huckleberries <3

When we headed back to camp it was a quick hot dog dinner and bed. We got up real early to start our big day! #16 on my 25 before I turn 25 list was to hike into "God's Waterslides" I had gone with my parents maybe 15 years ago!! When writing that list I knew I wanted to show Wesson the beautiful falls but after Saturday I'm so glad it was just us two. We rode 12 miles until we turned at Lion Creek and rode another 8 miles up on a pretty rocky path and than hiked 1 mile into see the beauty!

yogi-nature love
I know this post and my pictures are probably going to make this sound pretty cool but I'm telling you right now, you have to make a trip and see this for yourself. Its just unreal!! Since we got there pretty early in the day so there wasn't anyone else around so it felt like our own perfect natural water park.

The falls aren't exactly water falls but its part of the creek where the water has molded the giant rocks into "slides" and moss has grown over the rocks so you have to be very careful where you step until you're ready to slide down into the pools. It's just a beautiful site that if you live in the Northwest you have to take advantage of it! If you want to go and need better directions I'd be happy to help! :)

ridin buddy
Once we got our fill of lunch and slides we rode back to the truck and headed home. We got home and I got a pleasant surprise! I had ordered a skirt from another blogger who just started making the adorable chevron skirts. I've looked for long skirts before but had no luck! They were always short! Go check out her store HERE and keep with her blog HERE, she's also a super cute mommy blogger ;)
seriously how cute is this skirt!?

We showered and got dressed up to go get drinks downtown before heading over to a friends for a little BBQ. Of course we could have taken Wes to do these things but I wouldn't have been able to wear my cute dangle earrings though!

date night!
Sunday morning was another trip that wouldn't be able to make with baby Wes: floating!! We had to put in the water a little earlier than normal because Mike needed to head back to Omak once we got home. Well too much sun and beer and he ended up not living til midnight. Haha Mike defiantly took advantage of the float trip. It was such a fun day and great friends. I of course have tough days through out the week and start thinking it would be easier with Mike but days like yesterday makes it all better. We're able to do the things we love and with the people we love again.


family love

girls girls girls!

big ass fun group :)

Thanks again Mom & Dad for taking care of the little monster for the weekend. I forget how important it is to see your spouse as your husband again and not just as Wesson's daddy. I love falling in love with my husband again :)
love being married to my best friend :)


  1. I LOVE this post, especially the very end. It's a good reminder that I need to slow down sometimes and give some attention to my husband and be reminded of why I married him. It's true. You kind of fall in love with them all over again! Thanks for the shoutout!

    Sue//Chevron and Lace

  2. What a great post!! Sounds like you guys are really living the dream being home, I am so happy for you! Its nice to see that there is an end to all of this. Love you my friend!! xoxox

  3. LOVE the picture of you on your 4-wheeler. You look SO happy!