Monday, July 22, 2013

Muddy Miles 2013

Bucket List #21... CHECK!

I have to say creating this list and pushing myself to try new things and get out more has been very, very helpful during this transition of not having my husband home every night. It helps fill the void of after Wesson bedtime and momma bed time. Ugh I miss watching crap tv shows with Mike!

Trying to keep the days moving are easier some, harder others. Unfortunately today had to be a tougher one. I knew I'd have them but damn they suck. I did the bad thing and stayed home instead of calling someone up to get outta the house. Lesson learned. Staying here in the heat makes the time move reeeeally slow. Is anyone else ready for fall?! Maybe I'm just pushier because our summer started in February. I know I shouldn't complain but like I said rough day!

Anyways back to #21, run a mud run with Mike. It was way more fun than we planned on it and surprisingly we didn't do too bad. Even more surprisingly Mike killed it! I forget how not competitive I am and how extremely competitive Mike can get. It's pretty fun.

We decided to pre game with Matt and Kelsey at Notsworthy's (PS I forgot how delicious their fries are! yum!!) After the boys got tuned up and I could stuff anymore fries in my face we headed over the fair grounds. Getting our first look at the "track" was a little intimating but pretty exciting.

After pushing our way through mud puddles, running through the field, jumping over spools & tires, climbing under and through pipes and lastly face down a mud slide into a puddle we were rewarding with out medals and a high five.

It was so much fun. I love being active and hiking but pushing myself to do something like this and having Mike and good friends run with us is something I'd like to do again!!


BTW my shower is still blue....

My #1!

so tough.

our shirts turned out so cute ;)

We are having way too much fun checking things off... I finally asked Mike and friends what they're "2 before their next birthday was..." Mike's answer "shoot a buck, okay shoot any large animal!!" haha I think my babes is looking for finally having a hunting season!!
What's next on my list?? #3 ;) girls night coming soon!! What would be on your "before next birthday" list? 


  1. Love this! How awesome!!
    I hear ya on the first part. My husband was pretty much gone for two years. half of my last pregnancy and my babes whole first year. I don't know much about your situation ( can't wait to read more of your blog), but I can tell you it does get easier. :)

    1. Brinlee! seriously I think we need to be emailing because we obviously have lots to talk bout! :) You're making me wish I was still outside Vegas so we could meet!!

  2. Glad you had such a fun time! I have to crack up at the pre race meal…haha probably not the best ;) There will be good days and bad but you just have to surround yourself with friends when you are feeling down, or text me!! Soon I'll be able to send you pics of a cute little girl to cheer you up :)

    1. ahhhh I cannot wait to see adorable pics of baby b!! :):)