Monday, July 1, 2013

Sweet Summer Time

There is nothing better than summer time in Coeur d'Alene. Everyone knows that. It's literally a nation known fact that Mike and I have been missing for two summers now. We're so happy to be able to enjoy the beautiful down town, local restaurants, beaches, and of course the lakes.

Technically we didn't enjoy anything of those favorites last weekend but our weekend was a typical true North Idaho weekend, camping up Fernan Mountain.

Mike got home Thursday afternoon to deep Wall wedding bash deets happening. Alright actually we were pic stitching people's faces and characters in Wesson's story books haha. One of the best things about living in town again, spending time with crazy Brandy & Robyn. Those girls are hilarious and make me laugh so hard.

one happy, naked baby sharing pancakes with brandy!
After we shooed them out we got busy packing up our camping gear for Wesson's first actual camping trip. Last year I took him on our family reunion camping trip but had my parents help the whole time and an unlimited amount of water and the past 12 months living in a rv does not count as camping, despite what some people think. No sir, we were tenting it, in the middle of the mountains. Love!

We left bright and early Friday morning. Which worked perfectly. It was hot out so as soon as we set up camp we immediately got out water toys, chairs and a couple cool cans and planted our asses in the river.
happy rem

There's just something about being without cell service that makes us so happy.

yes we still had bath time in the mountains... yes I am my mothers daughter.

Luckily Friday was a perfect day because Saturday wasn't and we were quick to pack up and head home after Remmi woke us up barking (he decided chasing a MOOSE would be fun, well it was a site to see that moose charging Rem with his tail between his legs, hauling ass across the river *sigh*) and thunderstorms. Yeah... another beautiful things about the Northwest, those storms sneak up on ya...

taking shelter in the tent!
hi most adorable camping baby!!

Although we came home with everything soaking wet, at least we finally have a real garage to dry everything out in :)

The rest of our weekend was spent relaxing and hanging out pool side in the back yard :) ps if you come over while the sun is out and while Wes is awake I'm warning you now... our child will most likely be naked. That boy is obsessed with water and really there's no point in clothes.

 and lastly Happy July! I love planning out my weeks and it makes me extra happy when Monday marks the start of a new month also. Mike and I have a very, busy, fun filled month and I am loving every day of it. I mean how can I not with the handsome boy filling up my days?! My day ended with running through the sprinklers with this little man. I can not even remember the last time I did that. Maybe we'll end every day with sprinkler running, I haven't laughed that hard in awhile :) xxx See ya all next Monday!


  1. So fun!! I keep telling brandon how much I miss camping…..ahhh someday we'll get to go again!

  2. lol! I completely agree about camping! My friend has told me repeatedly that we should meet have Liam meet us half-way with our trailer to "camp". Umm, no. That trailer is not moving unless he is to another show up. AND a trailer IS NOT CAMPING. Glad you agree with me!