Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

In our house Labor Day weekend has always been known as "black sheep bash weekend." Honestly I still have no idea why its called that but roll with it...

It's always just been known the McBrides sneak away to St Maries to Mike's grandparents cabin. Like most things the apprenticeship took us away the last two years but we were finally able to get back and it was one of our favorite times yet!

such a stud.
We headed to the cabin early Saturday morning after stocking up on camping food, filling the coolers with beer, loading up the four wheeler and hooking up to our home on wheels. Once we got down to the cabin we immediately cracked some cold ones and put the boat in the water. Unfortunatly the boat didn't last too long since Mike was on a mission to sink it ;) not really but the seal cracked so it was a short lived boat ride. Wesson loved it. Shocking I know. That kid loves anything that makes loud noises!
perfect afternoon!

Matt, Kelsey and Orion came up later Saturday afternoon to join in the festivities and it made the weekend that much sweeter. Pulled pork sandwiches, huckleberry cheesecakes, and drinking games lead us to more laughter around the fire and a night swim.
Rem & Orion being cute in the water

I don't know what it is about the st maries river that makes us feel like we're 18 again. Its a beautiful feeling to go back to the place where we really feel in love and the place where noticed my soon to be husband fiddling with a box in his pocket (aka my ring ;)) all day.
Sunday was spent on the dock catching fish and more swimming before heading into town to watch the best firework show we have ever seen. Matt's words " best damn American bad ass firework show. How have you guys not let me come before!?" he was in awe... and so was our little boy. After Matt bought Wes his own bag of popcorn he laid on back and enjoyed the show. Pure happiness.
Us girls grabbing a drink at the blue ox before

I'm lovin this pic mainly because Matt's face is the same as Wessons... ;)



our group :) xxxx!
It was the perfect last hoorah of the summer. I know technically there are still a few weeks left but in the great Northwest the leaves are starting to turn and leggings are starting to come out. Its September!

Oh and I'm one very happy linewife.... Mike had orientation last Friday and his crew decided to wait another week to start work! yippee so I get my lineman on my birthday! Wes, Rem and myself will move Mike to Ione Saturday morning and get him all settled in and hopefully catch the train ride everyone keeps talking about!

We'll be fully enjoying these last few days because come Monday Mike will be working 13 days on 1 day off until Thanksgiving/Christmas time. It'll be a long few months but you can bet we'll make the best of it and me and the boys will be road tripping lots to see daddy! :)

Happy September Friends :)

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