Monday, September 23, 2013

5 Things Monday

Happy Monday friends AND happy fall! After 9 months of summer this family has been ready for summer.

This last week was a tiring one for this momma. This was Mike's 7 days on week so having no break, all my days started running together. Not to mention little buddy has been working on these last 4 teeth and they were just not pushing through. He's doing better but still teething sucks.

1. Despite the teething/no napping business I was very pleased what I got accomplished with NSUJL. Since the NW was is majorly lacking support, that's been my main priority. I was able to put together 25 "welcome packets" and get those sent off, made contact with a local power company & hopefully meeting with them next week. And I finally found a 5k loop and made our flyer! The local support already has been wonderful, I am so excited to see our turn out! Again if you want to run please follow this link HERE and sign up asap! being a virtual section our sign up dates are a little sooner, just because we want to make sure our tees get here :)

making packets! dance mom & tea helped ;)
2. We got to see my favorite line family! Brandon, Astra and the newest addition Bashlyn got to come home for a visit and although it was a quick little meet up I still got to hold sweet baby Bash and chat with one of my favorite people ever. As you guys have read before this life is crazy stressful and there are a few days I don't know how I would pushed through without this individual cheering me on from states away. We are so blessed to be apart of your life!
quick side note: uhm so I'm slowly getting baby fever but this little boy is READY ;) he didn't want to go with me after yoga day care earlier because he didn't want to leave 8 mo old Logan. Seriously so sweet.
3. Since this was the first weekend in a long time we haven't had Mike home I was bumming pretty bad. Luckily I have pretty great girlfriends to help fill the void. No pictures but Friday night was pizza & Epic with Kelsey. Pretty cute movie but don't ask Kelsey (someone's eyes were a little heavy ;)) Saturday morning Brandy & Robyn came over and had pancakes to start the day.
I know we chose to live the life we do but it really doesn't make it any easier. But having rad people surround else makes it a little easier!
4. Would be the rest of Saturday! Dad invited us on a drive up the river. It was so nice to get out. By the way I found where I'll be picking huckleberries next year, there were even a few berries still on the bushes! We completed our day with homemade fries and cold beer at the Pritchard bar. yuuummy!

its scary how much this little boy loves power tools
cutest picture, ever. grandpa's little helper!
5. Tone it up! I know a few of you have asked about my "random" hashtags on IG but they do have purpose! I joined the Tone It Up community at the start of summer but missed the last challenge so I basically took a few recipes here and there, did the work outs but hey it was summer! I didn't commit. Well TIU just started the #friskyfall 6 week challenge and I'm stoked to be join. I love motivation and this little package was the perfect kick start to the next 6 weeks! You can sign up to have a TIU buddy each month. You basically get a pen pal via email and at the end of the month you make up a cute little motivation package of your favorite things and send it off. So fun!
motivation buddy Stephanie rocks :)
So there ya have it. That was my pretty simple first full week of being without my hunny. Luckily this weekend we have some fun plans to look forward to :) 


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  1. Oh gosh I'm crying reading this post! I just love you so much and I have needed you just as much ( if not more!!) than you have needed me. Thats what friends are for though. I am so thankful I have you in my life and it was so awesome seeing you hold Bashlyn!