Sunday, September 29, 2013

NSUJL Goes to Avista Line School

Unfortunately I'm writing this a day early, in my sweats, while catching up on the 2 hours season premier of Greys (so intense!) instead of driving to Canada with my husband.

Lesson learned: just because Mike is a journeyman does not mean that schedules don't change last minute and I can plan fun days. boo.

Friday afternoon Wes and I traveled up to Ione to hopefully see Mike for longer than a few hours. When he got home he came with the news that they're working Sunday. Bittersweet, Sundays are "big money days" so it will get us closer to our budget goals buuuut that means no day off for daddy until the 13th now. Unless of course, that changes too. I knew he'd work Saturday so I had plans to find a little hike to go on with Wesson but buckets of rain changed that.

Instead we spent the morning snuggled up watching horse videos & listening to rain. Than we got to spent some time with another line girlfriend, Colleen! After each of us scanning Pintrest for a new recipe to make for our guys, we ventured to the local grocery store and headed back to our trailer to visit. I love meeting new people on the road, especially sweet girlfriends who know exactly what we go through!

All in all even though we didn't get to see Mike nearly as much as we wanted, it was a very relaxing weekend. I was able to find a few more freezer meals that I'll have ready for Mike to take back, turns out my meals were a hit with a few guys so my 8 week stock turned into 4 week stock. Lineman love home cooked meals ;) And they deserve them. Working out in pouring down rain, getting soaked to the bone standing and a 3 foot wide steel, structure waiting for a helicopter to bring the line... yeah they deserve it.

photo cred: Nick Durrant. Mike's job...

Now that I got you caught up on my trip I do have some exciting stuff to share! I went to the Avista Line school Friday morning and had my first NSUJL presentation!

I was so nervous to go but with the support of my family, friends and husband who reminded "babe they're just a bunch of guys like I was 5 years ago..."

I headed out there bright and early, last time I was there was taking my first picture of Mike on a pole during his own graduation.

When I walked in they introduced me and handed me the most bad ass little copper scorpion.

I went through my power point and answer questions without a beat. I was actually pretty proud of myself, it's been years since I've had to talk in public so yeah I was pretty damn nervous.

But I survived, walked away educating soon to be apprentices, got a few new members and another runner for the High Voltage 5k which you have TEN days left to register for before the price goes up!! pleeease sign up I'm hoping to have a great turn out! :) follow this link here to sign up HERE
Although this was my first speaking it was just the boost of confidence I needed, I'm ready to take on the NW and get the NSUJL word out there!

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