Monday, September 16, 2013

Ione, Wa

I just realized I never filled you all in on Mike's new town, not that there's much to tell about. I can sum up Ione, Washington in two words: beautiful & tiny.

Although it is located in the great northwest so that gives the little town major points, it's also Alamo, NV status. Meaning lucky for Mikey his wife doesn't mind bringing him fresh veggies/fruits and yogurts that don't cost $3 a pop!

I wasn't planning on going back to Ione this last weekend since the week before we got Mike set up (it rained on us the whole time so we stayed inside and lounged all weekend) so I wasn't set on the idea of going back. Buuuuut Mike said I needed to come since the RV park was throwing a BBQ and Mike wanted to show off his cute family ;)

I took off on the hour and a half drive after Shannon & Tommy's wedding, congrats again guys!!
my wonderful parents

handsome date of mine

party animal!

We pulled into the RV park and instantly was introduced to Mike's new crew, was handed a nice cold one and handed off Wesson to daddy... this momma was off duty ;)  Mike always gives me a hard time for asking so many questions about the job and who he's asking about but it gives me a comfort knowing the guys watching my husbands back. So this weekend was extra nice getting to know more of Mike's Par crew. This crew actually had a few familiar faces. Landon was our apprentice neighbor from our Wyoming days and was actually the first person to give me a hug (even before Mike haha) when we found out we were pregnant!
daddy's best friend.
Saturday night turned out to be pretty awesome, sorry to those who I continued to send obnoxious snaps... bad me I only took snap chats and don't even have any pictures to share now! woops! Basically our night consisted of beers, lineman, a new linewife fran, fire, and 3 guitars. Good night.

We woke up early Sunday morning and loaded up the truck to go explore. We ran into a hiking trail that we've added to our list of to do while in Ione, well hopefully before it snows!

big boy!
The camp hosts wanted to show their appreciation to the Par guys staying at the RV park and throw a yummy BBQ. Since it was Sunday they moved the food into the shop so all the guys could catch the game. Good food and good times. 

Wes & Wendy! Of course he wouldn't leave the ranger... typical Wesson!

Gabe the camp host showing Wes how to use the horn. Yes Wesson used his charm to get Gabe to take him around a few times...

Landon, aka baby whisper
With all the excitement of the day our charming cry baby of a child would. not. sleep. He was exhausted but just wanted to party in the shop! Sooo giving up we handed him off to Landon who within a half hour had him asleep in his arms. WHAT?! seriously he doesn't even sleep with me...
We're not back home and Mike is back to climbing the ridiculously high towers. We're already planning our next trip over to see daddy. We're thinking a trip to Canada will need to happen :)

I know I've posted these everywhere already but seriously how cool are they?! I am SO damn proud of my husband and all the line crews. Stay safe guys!


  1. This is so cool, I'm glad you had such a fun time!! Brandon makes fun of me because I like to get to know his crew too! ;)

  2. my husband laughs at me when i talk about his work. He thinks i dont want to know things lol.