Monday, November 18, 2013

Thankful November

Since 90% of my facebook friends are sharing their "daily thing to be thankful for" deal in November I thought I'd share my number 6 on my 25 before 25 list. #6 is start and keep a daily gratitude notebook.

This is one of the simple, favorites that I'm so glad I've stuck to. Since I've been keeping this since February I'm obviously not going to share them all but I'd like to share a couple that made me smile while flipping through just now. That was the most pleasantly surprising things about this "task." It literally takes me two seconds but it always makes me smile. I walk into my office before turning on the computer or sitting down I just open up to the day and write down my first thought about the day before. I tried writing down at the end of each day but I'm a tired, cranky person at night so I switched it, it was defeating the purpose ;)

Even if the day was completely boring I have to share one thing so it automatically gets my brain being positive. It really does work! I obviously don't have one for every single day, in the beginning and over the summer I was really bad about doing it daily but since September I've been pretty consistent.

Here are a few...

2-15 Mike is back to work
3-27 Having Kristina move to Alamo! I'm not alone!
4-14 Sunday linefamily dinners
4-26 My baby is ONE!
6-25 Having my very own washer and dryer
6-26 Wearing my beautiful ring for 5 years now... (Happy birthday to my hubs!)
7-14 Naked babes running through sprinklers
9-5 birthday cake
9-20 NSUJL
10-22 ILR experience

November Favorites:
11-1 Trick or Treating as a family of 3
11-3 party like we're 20 at Halloween party
11-4 Real Sunday Family Dinners
 11-6 Girls Night every Tuesday!
11-7 Strong yoga classes that make your legs feel like noodles
11-8 Getting my hair done
11-9 my awesome organizing skills
11-10 thankful for amazing friends who show up at events
11-14 sneaking away for an afternoon movie thanks to my mom always watching Wes
11-18 Chicago popcorn mix, seriously so delicious!

So yeah my "thankfulness" is random and possibly boring but its the littlest thing that can set your heart in a positive position for the day. Not to say I don't get drug down through out the day by life but I can at least start most days off with a full heart and clear mind!

I challenge you, you friends who really only think about what your thankful for during one month of the year... get out a notebook and see if you can do it at least every other day for the next year.... Maybe you'll smile more in the process.

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  1. I am so touched to be on your list! You've made such an impact on my year too. I love catching up on your blog , helps me to see the light at the end of my tunnel!