Friday, February 15, 2013

Alamo, NV

I can't believe we've already been here 5 days already. I finally took some pictures out on our walk so hopefully I can give you all a good look at our new home... First off here's some Alamo facts:
  • Population 1080.
  • Alamo is the closet town to Area 51
  • The closet town to us is Caliente, which has a large population of 1,132, but they have a Super Family Dollar Tree!
  • Alamo is a dry town, the town was founded on LDS beliefs.
  • Everything is closed on Sundays.
  • Everyone knew exactly who Sturgeon Electric was when I told them why we're here. It was nice to not have to explain what a lineman is!
On Tuesday our park host took me around the town and I felt like the movies. Everyone was so nice and welcoming. We literally walked the entire town and went inside every building, this isn't saying much. Its so nice not to not have to drive every time you need to go somewhere. Plus Remmi loves being able to always go with... He would just sit outside and wait until I came back. Again Bird Dog Boot Camp saved Remmi.

Here's your virtual tour of Alamo! FYI on my walk today I only had to wear a tank top and I was warm... I don't care how small a town is as long as the weather is nice!

here's our new park. its basically empty but filling up quickly with all Sturgeon guys.

Our new spot. Out back is our grassy area with a picnic table and a little stream, my pool will go back there.

Scoops, yummy icecream shop

my super fancy library, that thankful carries all harry potter books. unfortunately I finished #1 WAY too fast and they are closed fri-mon. I will be stocking up on Tuesday!

one & only restaurant in town. at least its mexican! mmmm

main street. so fancy.
Yesterday for Valentines Day I decided to venture out and find the park. And boy am I glad I did! Its located in a really awkward part of town and the end of a random neighborhood street filled with really loud barking dogs. Once you get into the park though. so much fun.

man does this little boy love to swing!

Rem had fun harassing the horses until he heard it was snack time...
So yes all and all we're adjusting well. We're all finding our groove again and so happy to be back to work! :)
Quick Mike Update: Mike is currently working 7 12s, and as soon as it gets lighter out they'll move to 7 14s. The hours are ridiculous but with this amount of time Mike will be finished with the apprenticeship in roughly 6 weeks. He's loving this job, his foreman is someone he met 2.5 years ago when he first worked with Sturgeon. He's letting Mike be acting lineman, which is basically the coolest thing. Its so nice to have your husband come home so happy! Here's what the structures that they're working on look like.
He said he'll try to get me some action shots so you can all see what a stud my husband is :)

Happy Day After V-Day!! <3 :)


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