Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Big Sky Dog Training

Six weeks ago we took our fur baby to Big Sky Dog Training for some major doggie boot camp. If you've met Remmi or have talked to us recently you know this puppy needed it bad.... I know its a rough life living on a long line and not having a back yard, trust me I feel awful about this every day. But it was getting bad... our sweet puppy learned how to open the dead bolt on our trailer door and escape. He would never run far away but once I would get home and see him running the park, he wouldn't come to me. It was probably the worst, most frustrating thing. I was beginning to feel like I just couldn't leave him alone. Dogs are meant to be fun and good companies. Not piss you have to the point of tears.

Anyways after it was getting to the point of we need to get rid of him, we found Marty. The thought of finding a new home for Remmi made my heart hurt so bad so we decided it would be worth the time apart and the money. Yeah, it was not a cheap fix but lemme tell you it was SO worth it.

During the six weeks we were able to go see Remmi twice. We had the option to go more but with Thanksgiving falling in the middle of training we missed a few weekends. Plus it wasn't exactly a short trip. Its located outside of Billings so around 6 hours round trip for us... Wesson is happy this is over!

We've had Remmi back for only 5 days now and I don't think I could say enough about how amazing he is. I had a few fears of getting him back: he's going to be a stiff, too behaved, not lovable dog and that maybe once he got here he'd forget all his training and he bad again.

Thank goodness both of those aren't true. Remmi is still his fun/happy self and still adores Wesson... seriously he's been following him around sleeping at the foot of the crib, so cute. He still cuddles with me and yes sleeps on our bed. The only difference is I don't feel stressed out when I'm going in and out of the door and I don't feel like a prisoner anymore.

Saturday while I was running in/out trying to unfreeze our pipes with the blow drying, biiiig sigh! Remmi happily ran around the trailer and never bolted off. He was just happy to be able to be outside with me. Sunday when we drove up the mountain to really test him, he did even better than we expected. He stuck by our side and I didn't feel that horrible anxiety if I couldn't see him, I now know he'll always come back. Nightly we've been able to go for walks as a family and have him off the leash. He just runs around and gets so much more exercise.

The training was fairly simple, he didn't learn any new commands Marty just enforced them more. Also he now has his electric collar, so if he really doesn't listen we just turn the collar on. Simple as that.

All in all I guess if you have a puppy who didn't respond to regular dog training, (Remmi didn't respond to 2 different classes in two different states.... he's insane.) it doesn't have to mean you need to get rid of your fur baby, there are options and I am so happy we found another out for ours.

i think he's happy to be home

i missed my monster!


having way too much fun in the snow.

tuckered out after running like a wild dog!

SO happy i finally have my running buddy back!

seriously so sweet... best buddies.

Also friends if you could please add Jeff Gandy's family, friends, and students into your prayers. He was one of Mike's instructors, he passed away last week. Mike is heading over to Helena with a few others for his celebration of life. Such a sad situation especially so close to Christmas. Makes you hug a little tighter...

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  1. THIS is what I need for our dog 'Nidas. He is a good dog, and wants to behave but lacks the understanding of what good behavior is.
    Also, know that I am praying for Jeff's family, friends, and his students. So sorry to hear of this.