Friday, December 21, 2012

set backs.

i've really been dreading writing this post.

last week mike got laid off... it sucks. so bad. as most of you know we only have 12ish weeks left so its been a really hard mental hit on us. we are so damn close so for something like this to happen is a kick in the gut.

don't get me wrong its been nice to have mike home a little more but the fact that we most likely won't get back to work until the 3rd week in january is tough. the hours and savings that is being sacrificed in during this time is a blow.

we are staying here until the next job. we're paid up in rent and we really do want to spend christmas morning just us 4. although i am very, very excited about going to butte for christmas dinner! :)

as usual we won't know where the job is or what type of job will come up. the thing we're most stressed about it is hours. mike has around 500 hours left so if he gets puts on a 40 hour a week job we're pushed back an extra couple of months.

its stressful and hard right now. no one likes to be laid off but when your future gets put on hold its a big mental hurt... so please keep positive thoughts for us during this.

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  1. Love and Prayers for you both right now. Enjoy the time you have together, cherish your small Christmas, and know that all things work out in the end (I know, it sucks to say it, read it, or write it, but its true).