Friday, December 28, 2012

Sandy Hook Elementary School

After hearing about the Newtown shooting, like everyone else I've been left with a pit in my stomach and have been clinging a little tighter to my son.  How anyone could even have that horrible thought of hurting children is beyond me. I can't even really write about how horrible I feel for those families who already had presents under their trees, thinking about how excited their child would be to open their gifts, the future plans they had, and all the pain they're all going through. I can't imagine. Those families, especially the parents will be dealing with some assholes mental issues the rest of their life and that's not fair.

Although we don't know those families and friends affected by this tragedy, we can show our support in other ways. The Snowflake project came to my attention from another blog I follow and I think its a great idea! According to this blog the children and staff are not going to be going back to sandy hook, they'll be attending a new school. Which I just think is fabulous. A new school is always scary, so to make it inviting and welcoming they are asking people to make snow flakes of any kind to display in the new school! What a fun idea to do while your babies are still home on break! Here's the
link for more information and the address! I hope you all get inspired to just send one snowflake to help bring a smile to a childs face :)

Mike and I dug out my random craft supplies and brought out our creative side today! Here's what we came up with! :)
Mike working very hard on his one snowflake ;)

yeah, I'm aware my snowflakes look like a 4 year olds project

hope these bring a little smile in CT!

buh bye snowflakes!

Another organization I came across, that is helping out is this facebook group. I found this through a running blog I follow (I know I have too much time on my hands!) They are in the process of making a 5k run to help the families affected by the shooting. Of course the run will be in CT but they are hoping to add a virtual option for us around the US. I have seen other states creating a 5K in different cities so I can only hope where ever we end up, its close by a running city! If not you can bet I'll be out running solo on March 23rd!

Our little blessing working on his bitterbeer face :)
I hope these links help you heal, offer support, and if nothing else hug your baby a little closer and say a quick prayer for those affected.

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