Monday, December 17, 2012

G-Parents & Sleigh Ride

Happy Monday Friends!

So as I mentioned in my earlier post this last weekend my parents came to visit. It came at a perfectly stressful time as expected but I can't tell you how great it was to get a big hug and encouraging pep talk from my parents. They got into town early Friday morning and came straight over, we've officially made the transition from my parents wanting to see us, to mainly just wanting to steal Wesson away from us.

 The rest of the day was spent eating yummy, juicy burgers, swimming in the hotel pool and lots of laughing. And of course showing off our new and improved Remmi Bean :) After living with my parents twice now since we've had Remmi, he's pretty much become my dads dog when he's around... it always makes me laugh how he follows him around. Saturday we got up early and went up the mountain to show them our favorite part of Bozeman. Seriously its so beautiful! I'd show off pictures but mother dearest is being slow on putting them on. We just went for a little hike around History Rock and man was there a lot of snow! It was hilarious watching the Remmi and Oakley try running through the snow. They were crashed the rest of the day after getting plenty of exercise.... they're so sweet together, even after not living with each other they still snuggle like brothers :)

After our adventure we came back and packed the boys up for their first sleep over and time to get ready for our first full date night alone. I'm not going to lie it was really weird coming back and not having them here but it was also nice to just fully relax!

The Sleigh Ride Dinner was absolutely amazing. It was at the Lone Mountain Ranch right outside of Big Sky... We've been getting lots of snow so the view was breath taking. The night started out with drinks at the Horsefly Saloon, well rather Mike had a beer and I got a bottle of wine, haha. We than went out and got to meet our horses, Pepsi & Rum. :) beautiful Clydesdale horses. Once we were loaded in the sleighs, we had a thirty minute sleigh ride to a remote cabin. The ride was so beautiful.... the snow, bright stars, only sound of horses going through the snow.... seriously perfect date night. The cabin was so cool. There's no electricity in the cabin so our only lights were powered by natural gas and candles on the table. Our prime rib was all cook there on the wood stove, including our cowboy coffee and blueberry cobbler with hand whipped whip cream. YUM! During the dinner a local cowboy played his guitar and sang Christmas songs. The ride back down was a little louder (since most of us had downed our bottles by now ;)) we all sang Christmas carols on the way back... hey we were just doing our part to keep the wolves away!

 It was a beautiful perfect date night (I know now why all those "good marriage advice" things on pintrest say make time for date night!! Needless to say we needed it bad.... but I was still up and out the door at 6:45 to go see my babies at the hotel! Thanks again mom and dad for a fun weekend and a night away :)

Here are our horrible, no flash, super dark date night pictures! If you want to check out nice, professional pictures of where we were check out the sleigh ride link here.

lone mountain ranch

at dinner

haha finally the flash!

Bruce, our cowboy singer

Pepsi & Rum

Our Sleigh <3

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