Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas 2012

I don't know about you all but December flew by for us and even though its still snowing outside, our Christmas decorations are officially packed away.

Christmas was so bittersweet for us. It was the first year I didn't jump out of bed and run to wake my brother up. I think despite not getting to see our parents it was the perfect day.

Christmas Eve was pretty quiet we watched Ice Age, went to church (and made asses out of ourselves, lets just say my husband was the ONLY one wearing his typical hat and we spun brodies out of the parking lot ha), put cookies & milk out for Santa, read a few stories out of our Christmas book, and fell asleep to a Christmas Story.
christmas eve <3

I felt like I was 12 again during the night. I was up a few times, so excited that Santa came! It didn't help I think Remmi knew too because he was up wandering most the night. Finally around 5 I decided it was time to wake the boys up, yes I had to wake Wesson up haha.

Surprisingly Wesson was pretty great at opening presents. He of course loved waving the tissue paper around. Mike and I had planned on only doing stocking stuffers for each other but neither of us actually stuck to that plan. Mike has wanted a bow forever and talks about it nonstop, so to finally shut him up I decided it was time to get him one. A huge thanks for my dad, brother and Scott Siebert Mike got the ultimate Santa gift :)  I also got a big surprise though... Mike surprised me with a Garmin running watch. I am so excited and love it!!


quick christmas jog to tire the pup out & try out my sweet new watch

proud new bow owner

Since I woke Wes up he was happy to go back to bed shortly after opening all his gifts. After cleaning up all the paper and filling our plates with huckleberry/peach coffee cake we sat down to watch the hilarious movie, Pitch Perfect. Seriously so funny!

second favorite gift after his CAT wheel from uncle christopher!

all those great new toys and he still only wants to play in the dog dishes.

We were feeling weird and kinda homesick but that quickly went away once we were all loaded up and on the road to Butte. I am SO lucky I have a big, welcoming family! Connie and Pat invited us over for dinner and to spent the night. It was so relaxing and fun visiting with all my family... plus dinner was delicious! Remmi had fun socializing aka terrorizing their little dogs. It was a blast and made us even more thankful to be where we are. Thank you again guys!!

most hilarious gift... matches my wine glass

New Years will be a typical night in except we're making a pact now to make it to midnight instead of our usual 9, uhm okay 8 pm bed time. Our plan: alcohol and hooking the wii up. we're way too cool, I know :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and Santa was extra good to them! Loves! :)

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