Monday, December 3, 2012

santa & wes

happy monday everyone! we had a pretty quiet weekend around here... mike worked all day saturday and called me last minute as wes and i were heading to the christmas stroll. we wanted to all drive together but mike ended up getting hung up at work. needless to say we were all a little frustrated and ended up missing the stroll.... we were bummed but it was probably for best. wes and i are just now recovering from a nasty cold. i'm glad i got that first experience out of the way... being sick with a sick baby is horrible. i wanted to sleep, he wanted to be held. so our saturday night turned into homemade pizza, a few redboxes and snuggles on the couch... not too shabby :)

sunday morning i got up bright and early, meaning before wes was even awake (ick!) and hit the road to go see my furbaby. it had been 3 weeks since i'd seen him so i was due for some remmi time! i have to say its been really tough not having remmi around but this has SO been worth it. i spent a little over an hour walking with marty and remmi around a field... a big field, with lots of distractions, no fence and remmi NOT on a leash. this is huge! he responded so quickly to me calling him back. marty defiantly worked his magic. now i only have to wait FOUR more days before i can make the 2.5 hour drive there to bring him home. please send well wishes... i'll be getting remmi all by myself. 6 hours round trip with wes and remmi will be hard. we've done it before but i swear it never gets easier!

after i made the trek back home mike and i loaded wesson up to go see how crazy the mall was and see santa. it was so fun. wesson was great... he laughed the whole time and kept trying to grab santas beard. it was so sweet... we had a hard time picking out which picture we like best! the bozeman santa is a winner... he not only looked legit, he was so kind. as we were picking out our picture a special needs boy wanted to talk to santa but he was a little unsure. the santa was so patient and gentle it seriously melted my heart. i love seeing christmas magic and kind people still around.
isn't this the most perfect santa picture?!

the rest of our day was spent with hallmark movies and studying. i'm so proud of my husband and his dedication towards his trade, i just love him. i also really, really love hallmark movies ;) come on bride for christmas anyone? hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season so far!

my favorite christmas tradition so far... i actually think we'll just move to regular chicken soup books after this.

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