Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Big Sky to the Silver State

We made it! I am writing you all from our new park in Alamo, Nevada (free working wi-fi finally!)
It was a loooong drive. Wesson did way better than our first big move but 15 hours broke up into 2.5 days just made it exhausting. We weren't planning on leaving Bozeman until Sunday morning but after getting travel ready quicker than we thought we were just ready to leave the snow behind. We left shortly after Wesson's night time routine and made it about 4 hours. Luckily my uncle gave us a tip on a faster route into Idaho and it saved us about an hour and a half of drive time. As soon as we left a snow storm hit us making that 4 hours no faster than 45 mph. it was tough, I could couldn't see anything so basically I just followed Mike's headlights the whole way. It was pretty scary and I'm glad the boys slept, screaming plus not being able to see would have not been fun.

Remmi being extra snuggly on the drive...
We stopped in Idaho Falls at a truck stop to try to sleep a little bit. With it being so cold and no hook ups we couldn't put Wes in his crib so we had to improvise. First we attempted to make him a bed in Remmi's dog bed on the floor... yeah that didn't work out, Wes just kept crawling out and playing so we had no option but to co sleep. Thankfully I think we were all so exhausted we all just passed out with no real issues. But a few hours later our bright eyed baby boy decided to jump on the bed telling us it was time to go! This was at 2 in the morning, ha. Instead of trying to fight him we decided to load up and go.
We drove until Salt Lake City and decided to get a hotel room for the night. Best decision of the trip! Monday morning Mike had to fill out paperwork, pass his drug test, and get his Sturgeon equipment so all day Sunday and Monday morning we'd have been hanging out the in cold trailer. It would have made for a long 30 hours. The hotel room proved we can never share a room with Wes and toy hauler trailer is the only way to go if we want to have a successful day/nights sleeps. He just kept wanting to play and party if he could see us... my day was spend in the hallway pinning and reading away...

monster wes eating breakfast
is it just me or does everyone look this beautiful during traveling??
Sunday morning did give us a good scare though... Wes was playing in the bathtub and slipped and fell. It all happened so dang fast, I was sitting right there and watched it in slow motion. He hit his mouth on the side of the tub. We're not exactly sure if he bit his tongue, lip or just smacked his teeth. It bled something awful though. I panicked and didn't really know what to do so I just held him really close while shoving a wash cloth in his mouth. Mike on the other hand kept saying its okay, don't pass out. I thought he was talking to me until I looked at him and he was as white as a ghost! As we shuffled out the bathroom I thought Mike was gonna loose it but thankfully we made it to the bed. It was a scary 10 mins but everyone is okay. I learned Wesson is a typical boy that keeps hurting himself and my husband can't handle blood if its his sons. Good lessons.

before the blood bath.

The rest of Mike's Sunday was spent at home depot and inside the trailer fixing our closet. Never fails something breaks on during our traveling. Luckily this really wasn't a big deal and my clothes are all hanging back up :)

Here's picture overload of our Monday waiting for Dad to get back :) He's insane I tell ya!

crazy, crazy boys.

Monday Mike took care of his stuff and we hit the road. Again the boys did pretty well and the last 7 hours went smoothly. Nevada is defiantly desert area and was kind of spooky driving in at sunset.... When we made to the park, we got set right up and pretty much fell into bed. Sounds like this week the park will fill up fast with more Sturgeon guys and I'm only hoping one brings his wife. So far it sounds like most of the guys wives travel but said no on this job because of location and the ridiculous hours the boys will be working.

So far Alamo is making me a tad nervous... I ran this morning before Mike left, I only ran 2 miles but was already looping the town. It makes Pinhurst look like big. The closest town is an hour away and their main grocery shopping is the Super Family Dollar, eeer? I better get stocked up on diapers, formula and wipes! I'll do more exploring this week and take pictures :)

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