Saturday, February 23, 2013

why my week rocked.

  • We got to deep clean our carpets... uh I mean our water pump got a mysterious crack in it and decided to floor our entire middle section of our trailer. Okay actually not the greatest start to our week especially after last weeks not long enough hose, so no draining water Tuesday; Wednesday's running out of propane while cooking dinner; and no power Thursday and Friday. haha it was a rough week on the old trailer. But we're fully functioning and it gives you all another reason to love your home.

  • I finally met my weight loss goal. I've officially lost 21 pounds!!
my "beast mode" shirt Mike ordered for me for meeting my goal.

  • I had a successful first Sunday dinner cooking for a few guys on the crew. I think it's going to become a regular Sunday night, dinner with the guys and walking dead? best day of the week! They were so excited to not have to eat left over pizza. Is that how my husband sounded before I moved in?! ;) Seriously though these boys are so sweet and appreciative it makes doubling dinner worth it. Plus who doesn't love it when their husband is proud of their wife?

I think Wes liked eating outside with the big boys.

  • Successfully doubling chocolate chip cookies and making it through hours of baking them all. I forgot how tiny this oven is when it comes to baking, ugh. But once again these guys are working loooong hours the least I can do is bake cookies.
  • Getting a text from my dad saying he's coming to visit in 2 weeks. I'm so excited and I'm already planning a mini day hike for us!
  • Getting a phone call from my mom saying she's coming to visit me in a month! wine, pool and my mom?! perfect.
  • Finally getting our first Sturgeon paycheck. gotta love double time, plus it nice to have a consistent paycheck again. I have no idea how people live on unemployment and stay sane. Every week we were having to make phone calls to make sure it was coming and we're still dealing with them. so exhausting.
  • Planning March's meals and grocery shopping all right here at that local gas station/grocery store. Not as easy as it looks... amazing how they can get away with jacking up the prices of things. Puffs (Wesson's favorite treat) normally .99 here $2.49! ridiculous.
7 isles of groceries + a gas station= really hard shopping

  • Finding a 3 mile loop in town. That's not an easy task when the town is this small and they don't believe in street lights. Turns out 4:15 am is really dark in the middle of no where Nevada.
  • Receiving my first package in my very own P.O. Box!
birds on a wire scarf :)

  • Walking to the library and picking up the next 3 Harry Potter books. I may or may not be a tad obsessed now...and I may have to go back this week to pick up the next 3... embarrassing? naw.
  • Buying Wesson's first tooth brush defiantly makes the list. This kid now has 6 teeth, he's going to be eating steaks before we know it!
  • The weather is warming up quickly and I'm starting to see 70s in the forecast.
  • Mastering a yoga pose I've been working on since New Years, pretty awesome. There's no studio here so all my mat time in fit in between naps/baths/feedings/walks and if I'm brave I'll attempt while the monsters are awake... but typically this happens.
not successful day of yoga.

  • Finding a local church that had a total of 10 people congregating. Wesson loved playing quietly under the pew with his cookie.
  • Being able to walk to the clinic to schedule Wesson's ten month appointment. My favorite part about a small town is literally we can walk to every where we need to go. I haven't been in the truck since we got here! hello gas saver!

I know it may not seem like the most fun filled week but I'm trying to stay positive. As most of you have already came to the conclusion that Alamo does not have a lot to offer, it is offering us memories and the hours Mike needs :) 4ish weeks left people!! Trust me our Salt Lake City trip is going to seem like a cruise to the Bahamas!

Hope everyone else is enjoying their weekend! xx!

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